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Tuesday, July 30 2019

Here are two positions that can be logically defended:

Human life is precious and inviolable.  Both abortion and capital punishment are immoral acts.

Human life is precious and inviolable.  Abortion is immoral while capital punishment is sometimes the only appropriate and just penalty.

Here is a position that cannot be logically defended...

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Monday, July 29 2019

It wasn’t that long ago that Donald Trump was tweeting about how former star Bette Midler was a “washed-up psycho.”  I commented at the time that such public drivel was unbecoming of the high office of President of the United States.  I wish someone could have gotten word to Bette that her efforts to prove the President right are not overly helpful.

If you’re curious what I’m talking about, you can be forgiven.  It’s hard to keep up with all the nonsense that populates our social media world these days.  But in case you missed it, Midler decided to launch another broadside at President Trump, and in the process, managed to out herself as a verifiable racist...

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Sunday, July 28 2019

Gone are the days of turning to rumor-debunking web giant Snopes to get to the bottom of whether or not Steven Seagal, Ric Flair, or Sam Elliott have met an untimely demise.  Somewhere along the line the execs at Snopes decided to become a poor man’s Huffington Post, parroting Planned Parenthood’s lies, denigrating Trump at every turn, and desperately trying (though failing spectacularly) to shame Christian satire website The Babylon Bee for being good at what they do.

Months ago, Snopes got their left-wing knickers in a knot when the Bee ran a piece hilariously titled, “CNN Purchases Industrial-Sized Washing Machine to Spin News Before Publication.”  Given that no one with a brain would have taken the Bee’s story seriously, it naturally prompted questions as to why Snopes would be expending time, money, and energy to go after them...

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Wednesday, July 24 2019

Being a decorated war veteran doesn’t make you immune to all criticism.  Those who have served in the military are still just as likely to have bad ideas, bad thoughts, bad policy suggestions as anyone else.  And when they share them publicly or take on a role of public leadership, they have to understand rebuke and reproach are part of the deal.

Still, if there’s one area I’d say is off limits, or at least one that warrants some intense introspection before wading into, it’s attacking a decorated war veteran for not being man enough.  And I’d say that’s particularly true if you’re a struggling actor (his most recent blockbuster was “The Hunt for the Trump Tapes with Tom Arnold”) who is best known for being married to Rosanne Barr...

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Tuesday, July 23 2019

This may be my favorite story of the year.

It may just be my own personal observation, but for years I’ve felt that conservatives and liberals have two very different, but equally debilitating challenges.  Who wins at the ballot box almost unfailingly hinges upon which can overcome their respective dilemma.

For conservatives, it’s being able to effectively articulate the ideals of conservatism in the face of a hostile and unfairly antagonistic media climate. 

For liberals, it’s being able to effectively untether themselves from the historical calamities of left-wing policy and convince voters this time it will be different...

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Monday, July 22 2019

I want to take her seriously because she is a Congresswoman after all.  And I know that what she may lack in gravitas or actual legislative accomplishment, she makes up for as a very influential voice shaping public opinion on social media.  But Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) continues to befuddle me with some stunning displays of naiveté.

The most recent example has to be this Twitter gem that left most thinking people scratching their heads...

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Sunday, July 21 2019

Yes, of course racism still exists.  Yes, some of those racists consider themselves Republicans.  Yes, some of those racists support Donald Trump.  But some of those racists consider themselves Democrats and they hate President Trump.  Racism is not the sole purview of any one party or politician’s cult.

All that said, I guess I’d like to press pause on the collective freak-out over the recent “Send Her Back” chants at a Trump rally just long enough to get some clarity from rational people.  Because when I try to think though this situation rather than feel my way through it, I don’t come away with the impression that the hatred that was expressed at Democrat Representative Ilhan Omar was because of her race.  I get the impression that...

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Thursday, July 18 2019

Several weeks ago when I wrote a piece ranking the Democrat presidential candidates from a conservative’s perspective I also included the prediction I’ve had for quite some time as to who the nominee will actually be by the time the grueling primaries have ended.  I thought then, and I still think now that it will be Kamala Harris.

After her aggressive, personal attack on Joe Biden in their first debate, there were several others that started thinking similarly.  Social media became abuzz with the prospect of a Trump/Harris debate, with progressive lefties salivating at the prospect of what the former prosecutor would do to the petulant president...

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Wednesday, July 17 2019

I don’t consider myself to be some kind of “very stable genius” or anything, but I do like to think I’m capable of operating with some degree of common sense.  And as I’ve witnessed the climate change movement evolve and name-change over the past couple decades, as I’ve watched those promoting it continue to live carbon-belching, energy-devouring lives, I’ve deduced that something more is at play here than an earnest desire to save the planet.

And if you pay attention to the core players in the movement, it isn’t too tough to figure out what the real motivation is.  Last Friday I wrote these words,

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Tuesday, July 16 2019

Last week I wrote about the incoherence of the tired “how does my gay marriage affect you?” deflection used to perfection by the LGBT political lobby in their pursuit of early legislative success.  It served its purpose to falsely convince unthinking people that gay marriage was simply about equality and hospital visitation of loved ones rather than a stepping stone to the eventual criminalization of Christian ethics.

Once the policy objective was achieved, the answer to that question became so easily depicted that the movement has largely abandoned it.  How can they not?  After all, if you want to know how gay marriage affects people of faith, there are stories every day.  Like this one...

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Monday, July 15 2019

I’ve been a public high school teacher for almost two decades, and other than a handful of years right out of college, I have chosen not to be a member of the local teachers’ association.  This has been more difficult of a choice for me than one might believe, considering my politics have changed little over the course of my life.  Typically conservatives are skeptical of the mentality and operations of unions, after all.

But in my experience, the colleagues I have the privilege of working with are – almost without exception – truly and legitimately interested in the betterment of our school corporation.  I know that about them because I know them, I have relationships with them, I trust them, love them, learn from them, and respect their motivations and efforts.  There is nothing I want more than to be professionally associated with them...

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Sunday, July 14 2019

It’s happened again.  This time it was Washington Post columnist Monica Hesse who wrote an entire article blasting Mississippi gubernatorial candidate Robert Foster for abiding by the so-called “Mike Pence Rule.”  For those unaware, this is the practice of Christian men, first made popular by minister-to-the-presidents Billy Graham, of not meeting privately with women they are not married to.  The discipline is fairly self-explanatory: it is to avoid the appearance of impropriety, to avoid the likelihood of false accusation, and to avoid any potential temptation.

And that drives Monica batty.  She scoffs...

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Thursday, July 11 2019

I wasn’t surprised to see Vice beating the drum for this new alarmism in the climate change movement, but that doesn’t mean it failed to annoy me.  The subtitle said it all…

“Contrails are Air Travel’s Dirty Secret: A new German Aerospace Center study says the clouds formed in the wake of plans have an impact on the climate that’s not being properly addressed.”

I’d love to convince myself that I’m speculating irresponsibly when I say this, but with almost every Democrat presidential candidate affirming their belief that global warming is the greatest national security threat...

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Wednesday, July 10 2019

Upon the recommendation of a friend, I started following a rapper and podcaster from Southampton, England named “Zuby” (@ZubyMusic) on social media, and it has been anything but a disappointment.  Street cred?  Dude’s got it.  Intelligence?  Oxford graduate.  Common sense?  Enough to obliterate the woke police whenever they surface. 

And recently, they surfaced at a music festival called AfroFuture Fest that advertised their prices: $40 for non-persons of color, and $20 for persons of color.  No joke.  Your skin color being white costs you double the price of admission.  And Zuby, who is not white, was having none of it...

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Wednesday, July 10 2019

“How does my alternative lifestyle affect you?” 

That was the $64 million, go-to deflection mastered by the gay political lobby during its relatively short struggle for normalization and cultural embrace.  The strategy was cunning, because whatever answer was given by Christian or secular moral traditionalists, it was immediately dismissed as “slippery-slope” speculation. 

When those traditionalists suggested that normalization of homosexual relationships would inevitably lead to demands that the state extend the boundaries of marriage to include same-sex couples, activists scoffed that the homosexual experience was uninterested in monogamy, marriage, and other trappings of heterosexual identity...

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Tuesday, July 09 2019

Colin Kaepernick is a dangerous individual.  Not because he’s willing to buck the status quo; not because he’s willing to “sacrifice everything” (newsflash: he didn’t) to “stand for something;” not because he’s willing to draw attention to uncomfortable issues that others wish to ignore.  There are plenty of people who do that, and do it far more honestly and effectively than Colin Kaepernick.

Kaepernick is dangerous because he is interested in division with no regard for truth.  Translation: he lies for attention, and with the sole motivation of stoking division.  When it comes to issues as volatile as race relations, that’s beyond dangerous...

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Sunday, July 07 2019

I don’t think Trump is some political genius that is 20,000 steps ahead of everyone else, including his opponents.  In fact, I think it’s fairly laughable to even suggest that.  What I do think is that his opponents are so incapable of controlling their deranged hatred of him that it makes it appear he is playing them like a fiddle.

This last week, what should have been a unifying moment of celebrating America’s Independence and nationhood served as a prime example.  Here’s what I mean:

Trump decides he is going to commemorate the country’s 243rd birthday by hosting a presidentially-backed parade and rally, open to the general public on the National Mall in Washington, D.C...

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Thursday, July 04 2019

If you ever think you have figured out precisely where our morally-impaired society stands on right and wrong, just wait a day, particularly on issues relating to sexuality.  I was reminded of that pathetic truism recently and it once again left me wondering how all people with rational minds can’t honestly admit that God’s way is smarter, safer, and absurdly more consistent than what we ignorantly choose to settle for.  Here’s what happened.

Teenage singer Billie Eilish is known for her bizarre, baggy attire.  To un-hip eyes, she usually looks like she’s wearing circus tents.  She explained these peculiar fashion choices in a Calvin Klein ad, revealing that she chooses huge shirts and pants to avoid being objectified. “Nobody can have an opinion, because they haven’t seen what’s underneath.”...

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Tuesday, July 02 2019

I’ve finally found it.

I’ve been struggling for some time with the outspoken support many prominent, recognizable Christian “leaders” in our culture have offered to President Donald Trump.  I think it’s dangerous, counterproductive, and at times reeks of a “religion of empire” approach to our faith than the way of the cross. 

It’s bothered me so much that I’ve publicly cringed at Jerry Falwell Jr.’s fealty to the King (and for the record, I consider Falwell a Christian “leader” only in the sense that he is the president of what is otherwise a large, respectable Christian university).  I’ve publicly begged Franklin Graham to remain silent on politics for the time being...

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Monday, July 01 2019

There’s a lot of hand-wringing going on in front of television cameras about the plight of illegal immigrant families at the country’s border with Mexico.  Families are being separated, children are being held in detention cages, and there’s a paralyzing political debate about concentration camps, Trump’s culpability, and the seriousness of the crisis.

And the rhetoric has ventured into Crazy Town.  For instance, Kamala Harris shocked most sensible people the other night during her presidential debate by appearing to morally justify a mother paying a human trafficker to bring her child to America...

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