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Wednesday, October 31 2018

So I started doing something that may seem really odd to people of my political persuasion – I’ve started reading The Atlantic somewhat regularly.  Yes, I know it is perilously left-wing.  The day I’m writing this piece, for instance, here are the top stories on their main page:

  • Beto O’Rourke Grabbed a Political Third Rail – And Electrified His Campaign
  • Trump’s Incoherent Rally in Charlotte
  • Megyn Kelly’s Inevitable Downfall
  • I Respected Scott Walker. Then I Worked For Him
  • What Progressives Can Learn from Michael Avenatti’s Mistake

They’re leftists. I get it.  But I’ve become increasingly cognizant of the dangers I have of slipping into a conservative bubble where I disregard any thought that doesn’t immediately conform to my biases and assumptions...

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Tuesday, October 30 2018

Last week I wrote a piece that highlighted the stunning results from Ligonier Ministries’ and LifeWay Research’s recent State of Theology study.  It revealed some devastatingly theologically uninformed positions held by professing Evangelical Christians.  I articulated some of my thoughts as to what could be at the root of the problem and why America’s churches are failing so miserably at teaching sound theology. 

My article received some very productive and thoughtful feedback, with one reader positing a legitimate and important question: “I’d like to see a breakdown,” he wrote, “between those responding to these questions who attend church regularly versus those who don’t"...

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Monday, October 29 2018

The infamous attorney for pornographic actress Stormy Daniels, Michael Avenatti had big dreams of being the high-profile Democrat to take down President Trump.  And that’s not all.  As he intimated, he envisioned that he could be the Democrat to take Trump’s place in 2020.  When the Daniels attack failed, Avenatti desperately sought a new way to keep himself in the public eye.  That effort manifested in a now-disgraced attempt to derail Trump nominee Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court by shamelessly promoting false rape allegations against the judge.

Avenatti is soon to be under investigation from the Department of Justice for his sleazy...

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Sunday, October 28 2018

Just last week I wrote these words:

Christian university presidents and faculty have, for a host of inexcusable reasons, allowed a spirit of rebellion to overrun their institutions, resulting in an utter corruption of a new generation of “Christian” preachers, teachers, and professionals who understand precious little about having a mind transformed to a Biblical worldview.  They speak the language of the Bible, all while advocating a submission to the spirit of the age.

And right on cue, today I come across the most recent Biblical atrocity being taught by a graduate of Moody Bible Institute...

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Thursday, October 25 2018

Over the last couple decades I’ve been simultaneously amazed and dismayed at the state of Christian higher education.  The trappings of university culture, the elitist bubble of academia, the pride of intellectualism, have all infiltrated Bible colleges, Christian universities, and theological seminaries with frightening consequences.

Scriptural fidelity has been cast aside in deference to “thinking outside the box,” allegiance to the Gospel of Jesus has been replaced with allegiance to a social justice gospel.  Sins have become “struggles,” transforming the sinner into the victim... 

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Wednesday, October 24 2018

Are we still pretending that New York’s Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who upset incumbent Democrat Joseph Crowley in the primary, is a transformational politician?  Are we still doing the thing where we act like she’s a deep, reasonable thinker with leadership potential?  Because at some point we just need to be honest.

Take for instance her rambling, confused response to a fairly straightforward question from MSNBC’s Chris Hayes who asked “what’s your plan” when you get to Washington, D.C.?  Her answer...

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Tuesday, October 23 2018

It’s a fascinating spectacle to behold.  On Monday of this week I wrote a piece defending the Christian conception of a much younger Earth than what modern scientists relying on a number of unproven assumptions propose.  Though the target audience for that piece was Bible-believing Christians, it was widely panned by agnostic skeptics and non-theist scoffers who are all-in on the Darwinian faith and its requisite “millions of years” conception of Earth history.

That’s okay with me, and honestly to be expected.  But you’ll have to excuse me when I snicker at the same voices, virulently attacking me for my betrayal of “science,” simultaneously promote the embarrassing pseudoscience of transgenderism...

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Sunday, October 21 2018

I don’t know conservative firebrand author Matt Walsh.  The closest I ever came to meeting him was when I was invited to emcee an event he was keynoting a couple years ago.  Due to a prior commitment, I was unable to accept.  Still, I have followed Walsh’s writings sporadically for several years and have appreciated his uncompromising stance on the sanctity of human life as the single greatest moral issue of our time, as well as his defense of the importance of the nuclear family.

But not everyone bats a thousand.  And days ago, Walsh’s train of common sense derailed in terrifying fashion during a Twitter thread he launched to undermine the authority of the Genesis creation account...

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Thursday, October 11 2018

The Washington Times had the story that we all knew was coming after Maine Senator Susan Collins chose to side with sanity and stand up to the character assassins on the left by voting to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court:

Liberal groups vowed Friday to try to unseat Sen. Susan Collins in 2020 over the Maine Republican’s decision to support Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court, paving the way for a final confirmation vote...

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Wednesday, October 10 2018

I’m not a Kanye West fan. Never have been. But there’s something very discomforting that is being revealed right now if we are brave enough to recognize it. It’s been true for years, and conservatives have pointed it out – particularly black conservatives. But it’s never infiltrated pop culture like it is right now thanks to West and his somewhat bizarre, demonstrative support for President Trump and his agenda.

Last week, appearing as the musical guest on a program that makes no effort to hide its hatred of the president, Saturday Night Live, West went rogue...

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Tuesday, October 09 2018

Most respectable conservatives I know who were lumped in as “NeverTrumpers” recognized, as I did, that the label was officially dead the moment that Trump won the presidency. Given that the title meant by definition a principled decision to never support Trump in his 2016 campaign for the presidency, it had to be null the moment that campaign ended (either in victory or defeat). As I wrote about a long time ago, “Never Trump” never meant a refusal to ever support a policy, statement, order, or effort in his presidency...

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Monday, October 08 2018

As the dust settles on the Kavanaugh confirmation to the Supreme Court, many on the left are looking desperately for someone to blame.  It’s understandable.  Conservatives have been on the losing end of cultural and political battles more times than I can remember, and there’s always the requisite time of mourning, gnashing of teeth, grief, and introspection as to what went wrong.

Though I think the Democrats in Washington will probably stay situated in the gnashing stage for several weeks, it will be most intriguing to see if the introspection phase will bring a moment of clarity to liberals that the man affectionately known as “Creepy Porn Lawyer,” Michael Avenatti, is no advantage to their movement...

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Sunday, October 07 2018

I have had plenty of frustrations with Senator Susan Collins through the years, and with good reason.  She is not a conservative.  At times, it’s been fair to question whether she’s caucusing with the wrong political party.  Her flirtations with potentially advancing Merrick Garland as the Supreme Court justice to replace Antonin Scalia, her support of sustaining and maintaining the epic disaster of Obamacare are just two of the recent examples.

But there’s no equivocating on this point: she faced the onslaught of one of the most coordinated, angry and mobilized left-wing attack machines in recent history, she met their threats, she met their bile, she met their furious glares and disgusting threats, and she persisted...

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Friday, October 05 2018

Kirsten Powers is a left-wing columnist for USA Today and television commentator at CNN.  So no one was going to be surprised that she opposed the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

And given her past experience with sexual assault, no one could fault her sympathetic tilt towards the allegations and testimony of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. 

But neither Powers’ experiences, nor her reputation as a known left-winger excuses what was one of the most intellectually stunted and factually challenged tweets you’re ever going to read...

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Thursday, October 04 2018

It was probably just a coincidence, but I had just finished up a speaking event where I taught on the instruction of James to Christian believers to tame their tongues when I heard the news story about President Trump addressing Dr. Ford’s accusations against Brett Kavanaugh at his Mississippi rally. 

It provides a startling awareness of the prescience of Biblical wisdom when it is set against the backdrop of man’s imprudence...

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Tuesday, October 02 2018

Chances are that when it comes to a “Worst Take on Twitter” weekly award, the top nominees would recently have come from the parade of trash Kavanaugh/Ford/SCOTUS opinions.  But let the record show that there was at least one other that deserves consideration by the judges.

Shane Claiborne considers himself a faith leader, heading up a number of social justice rallies around the country that he refers to as revivals.  One of the founders of the Red Letter Christian movement, Claiborne makes his living these days publicly hating on Donald Trump, Franklin Graham, Jerry Falwell, Jr., and Dr. Robert Jeffress...

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Monday, October 01 2018

It was a classroom full of six-year-olds all dressed – boys and girls – in identical outfits: blue pants, white dress shirts, and ties (probably clip-on).  There was nothing about their attire that conveyed gender distinctions.  They were busy working on a writing assignment in the clip posted by the BBC, as the teacher’s voice broke the silence: 

“You’re Prince Henry.  You’re going to tell Thomas why it’s a brilliant idea for him to marry you.” 

The camera panned back to show the stationary that had been provided for these young students equivalent to American 1st graders.  It had...

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