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Thursday, May 30 2019

I understand that everyone has a cause, and it seems everyone is desperately looking to be viewed as woke and enlightened.  I also understand that social media is a magnet for virtue-signaling nonsense.  That’s still no excuse for what has to be one of the most absurd performances of word-saladry I have every witnessed.

Commenting on the controversial case of South African runner Caster Semanya, a world champion racer who is under suspicion of not actually being a female and/or having an “intersex” trait that gives her a competitive advantage, Black feminist author who goes by the name “Lady Jade” put together this exercise in prolixity:

“There is so much to say about the Caster Semanya case: biological essentialism, how Blackness is incompatible with binary notions of gender, how white women engage victimhood as a punitive, anti-black apparatus, and how hegemonic womanhood is operationalized and maintained" ...

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Wednesday, May 29 2019

Former Obama administration official Steven Rattner undoubtedly shook fellow left-wingers to the core in his recent New York Times commentary.  In his piece entitled “Trump’s Formidable 2020 Tailwind,” Rattner does the unthinkable: he pointed to three different presidential election modelers and noted how Trump won re-election in every single one.

It’s the economy, stupid.  That seemed to be the still-relevant message decades after a different president with a penchant for moral failings made it famous.  According to the summary on Axios...

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Tuesday, May 28 2019

Anyone who has or who has had small children knows how this game works: the child tells an obvious lie, then when questioned on it, panics and tells an even bigger lie to try to cover.  But the cover is usually more absurd than the original tale, and the kid has to tell another lie in an effort to salvage the situation.  An adept and adroit parent can find a great deal of enjoyment out of making their dishonest children writhe and wallow in their own web of deceit before it eventually collapses all around them.

I can’t help but come to the conclusion that those in our culture who choose open rebellion to God’s moral order have unwittingly found themselves playing the role of these lying children.  Stop and consider...

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Thursday, May 23 2019

Author and blogger Ashley Easter recently wrote:

“It’s lazy to say ‘The Bible CLEARLY says.’ The Bible is complex. It’s been translated, subtracted, and added to by fallible people (sometimes with an agenda). It must be understood in the context of history/situation (details we don’t always have). ‘Clear’ is far from reality.”

The influential Red Letter Christian movement amplified and promoted her message.

I would respectfully disagree with this suggestion that attempts to weaken the efficacy and authority of the Scriptures we are commanded to study and obey. I spent over a year preparing an 8-part study on how we can know the Bible we possess today is the authoritative, reliable Word of the Living God. And beyond that, we spend almost 2 full sessions on how to convince a skeptical world of that truth.

I’d love for you or your small group to consider taking the course which is still discounted 20% through June 9th. Find more info and watch a sample clip of what you’d be getting here:

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Wednesday, May 22 2019

Emotion clouds reason.  We all know that.  When you’re wanting to make a sound, reasonable judgment – particularly about something you should do or say and something you shouldn’t – we all know it’s best to let the emotions of the moment pass.  Every parent should know this when disciplining a child.  Every married person should know this about fighting fair with a spouse.  And every person engaged in the public discourse should know this when clicking “post” or “share” online.

I’ve really been working on this over the course of the past couple years.  I’ve been trying desperately to discipline myself by the Biblical principle taught to us believers in James 1: “My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry.”

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Tuesday, May 21 2019

As we close in on a month out from the first Democrat presidential debate, and as the number of declared candidates approaches an absurd 25, there’s trouble brewing in the top tier.

I’ve said from the beginning that despite his robust poll numbers I don’t see any way how former Vice President Joe Biden earns his party’s nomination.  He isn’t woke enough, he doesn’t check the right intersectionality boxes, and he’s notoriously creepy around professional women.

And then there’s the fact that something is obviously, demonstrably wrong with the man.  Just watch...

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Monday, May 20 2019

There is no shortage of voices on either side of the human rights debate over abortion that fearfully acknowledge a civil war may be in our civilizational offing.  If they’re right, if our civilization crumbles as a result of this issue, no one should deny the influence social media had on exacerbating the explosive rancor that provoked it.  To say Twitter has become a divisive tool of Satan for misinformation and manipulation would be an understatement of epic proportions.

As but one example, here’s Rose Eveleth, a reporter and writer from Berkeley who was so incensed by those who believe aborting children should be illegal she publicly lamented...

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Sunday, May 19 2019

In the aftermath of the Alabama abortion ban, you could be excused for coming to the misguided belief that rape was the primary reason the practice of abortion exists in America.  Of course it isn’t.  Less than 1% of all abortions conducted in the United States are done as a futile and foolish attempt to remove the anguish of a helpless victim by creating another helpless victim.  Well over 90% of all abortions occur for some form of convenience (not ready for a child, can’t afford a child, would interfere with plans, etc.). 

Therefore, any sane society would not be discussing the legality of abortion by talking about rape cases.  That would be like...

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Wednesday, May 15 2019

By last count I believe we are at nine of the current Democrat presidential nominees that have come out in support of government compensation for descendants of slaves in America, or at least the development of a commission to study and make recommendations for such financial reparations.  Senators Booker, Harris, Sanders (flip-flopping on his prior opposition to the idea), Klobuchar, Warren, and Gillibrand, along with former Mayor Julian Castro, former Representative Beto O’Rourke, and author Marianne Williamson have all supported the idea.

And it hasn’t been more than a couple months ago that the New York Times house “conservative” David Brooks wrote an op-ed entitled “The Case for Reparations.”  It was a “conservative case,” no doubt – at least if you ask the Times...

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Tuesday, May 14 2019

I know conservatives love to poke fun at her.  I know liberals love to pretend that she’s brighter and more promising of a leader than she probably is.  But New York’s socialist representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just said (or tweeted) something really important.  Something so important that I think every American, young and old, needs to read it, consider it, and fully grasp what it means.

In the middle of a multi-tweet economics rant, AOC threw this out...

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Monday, May 13 2019

I think I’ve written before, but Alexandra DeSanctis has quickly become one of my favorite conservative commentators.  Known for her intrepid and fearless pro-life apologetics, from her perch at National Review, DeSanctis consistently goes beyond merely defending the impenetrable logic behind a pro-life ideology.  She effectively shames an anything-but-objective mainstream media culture by putting a spotlight on their activism.

And recently, she prosecuted them with a vengeance...

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Sunday, May 12 2019

I know that, suffering a staggering lack of self-awareness, former actress Alyssa Milano fancies herself a powerful social activist and thought leader.  And far be it from me to provide the pro-abortion activists in our country any advice.  But in the name of fairness, I feel it incumbent to let them know that allowing her to become the self-appointed spokeswoman for their cause is…well…not smart.  At all. 

If you doubt that, get a load of this...

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Thursday, May 09 2019

Fascinating.  That’s the only word I can use to describe the detailed evolution that Dr. Alicia Hendley authors about her own journey from transgender activist to visceral opponent of the movement.  Writing at the Feminist Current, Hendley’s piece reads as part confession, part warning for those who believe in the autonomy, independence, and empowerment of women.

To be honest, I’ve always been as confused by feminist support of the trans rights crusade as I have been about their support for abortion...

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Wednesday, May 08 2019

I was standing in the security line at Orlando International Airport recently when my wife nudged me to look at the shirt of the young lady in front of us.  It was a plain blue t-shirt with the word “equALLity” spread across the front.  As I rolled my eyes as far as they could go, Jenny laughed and said, “I knew you’d love it.”  

It’s not that I have any problem with equality per se, it’s that I am beyond annoyed by the meaningless, inconsistent, and hypocritical virtue signaling of those who make this thoroughly-pliable word their personal brand.  I get that everyone has to have a cause to champion, but is intellectual honesty really that much to request?

Here’s what I mean.  I’d say there’s somewhere between a 95-99% chance that “equALLity” shirt was in reference to the LGBT political crusade.  Assuming that the creator and wearer of the shirt were not ignorant of...

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Monday, May 06 2019

There are few names within American mainstream evangelicalism as familiar as Beth Moore.  The founder of Living Proof Ministries, Moore’s career as a speaker and author has skyrocketed in recent months to the point that many speculate she will be the next president of the Southern Baptist Convention.

But with increased notoriety comes increased scrutiny, and a recent post by Moore invited plenty of it.  The popular Bible teacher took to Twitter to offer this bizarre observation...

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Sunday, May 05 2019

“No one is pro-abortion, they are pro-choice” is how the argument goes.  It’s repeated ad nauseam on social media platforms, broadcast interviews, and even in presidential debates.  And it’s completely false.  As I’ve written before, the term pro-choice is utterly meaningless unless the question is answered: choice to do what?  Answering that question tells everyone what you actually favor. 

I think what abortion rights activists mean when they offer up this intellectually stunted defense is that they don’t glory in aborted fetuses or get their jollies off of running up the body count.  That’s fair, but it’s also a conspicuous self-own...

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Thursday, May 02 2019

It’s a woke new world here in the West, which means the self-loathing and general contempt for our civilizational foundations, values, and ethics is all the rage.  Expect to see presidential candidates in the Democrat primary compete with who can run them down the quickest, though Senator Bernie Sanders seems to be in the early lead. 

Remember it was Sanders in a question and answer session at Liberty University a couple years ago who let the Constitution have it:

"I would also say that as a nation, the truth is, that a nation in which many ways was created, and I'm sorry to have to say this, from way back, on racist principles"...

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