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Wednesday, August 28 2019

Not all leftists are godless. But leftist progressivism represents a godless approach to politics and social order – one in which the state is exalted to godlike status as the ultimate moral authority, and thus power (and the pursuit of power through politics) is worshipped. 

This isn’t a new observation or a particularly complex realization for anyone who can think critically.  But it is a prescient and revelatory one to acknowledge when trying to make sense out of what otherwise comes across as soulless and heartless conduct committed by the left in the political sphere. 

Last week, billionaire philanthropist David Koch passed away. And given his long time affiliation with libertarian and Republican causes, it set off an orgy of revelry and macabre glee in the progressive political world.  It was gross.  And what made it worse, it wasn’t confined to fringe Twitter accounts.  It was public statements from supposedly respected and respectable leftist media and political figures.

It was liberal commentator Bill Maher who crowed, “F--- him…I’m glad he’s dead and I hope the end was painful. 

It was Democrat Senate hopeful Pam Keith of Florida who chirped to her large Twitter following, “Good riddance Mr. Koch. You spent a lifetime making the world uglier & perverting our democratic process. The world feels a smidge lighter without you. In the end, you can’t take a red cent of your money with you. You will face your maker standing on the impact you made. I pity you.” 

Made the world uglier? About that “impact” Ms. Keith derides, I would take the time to list off all the charities that Mr. Koch funded from his own pocket, including the very cancer facility that recently treated left-wing radical Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, but you can easily find all that online if you’re interested.  The truth is, I shouldn’t have to produce such a list in order to shame those who reveled in the death of another person just because they disagreed with them politically.

And what’s even more peculiar is the fact that Mr. Koch was hardly a conservative culture crusader. Despite the fact that the perpetually irresponsible New York Times labeled Koch “far right,” remember this is a man who amongst other things supported same-sex marriage and believed in a moral right to abortion. That’s a peculiar characteristic of a far-right political operative, no? 

Jacob Sullum, senior editor for Reason magazine shed even greater light on this curious liberal representation of Koch:



Again, none of this should matter when it comes to whether or not we dance upon someone’s grave. David Koch was a human being, an image-bearer of God, somebody’s son. When you lack the decency to mourn with those who mourn, to respect those who hurt at the passing of a loved one, you reveal the terrific flaws in your own moral character. And in this case, you reveal just how much the political idolatry of leftist progressivism devours your soul.  

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