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Thursday, February 28 2019

I don’t remember precisely when I joined the illustrious ranks of those blocked from reading race-hustler Shaun King’s Twitter feed.  It might have been after I authored this article, but I can’t be sure.  But it seems that King is embroiled in yet another scandal of his own making.

I say another because I don’t believe the most egregious one has been settled yet.  There is a mountain of evidence that suggests King is actually a white man posing as a black man for profit.  As I mentioned in that linked article above, sports pundit Clay Travis has even offered to pay $50,000 to charity if Shaun King takes a DNA test to prove that he is at least 25% black.  King never took the challenge...

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Wednesday, February 27 2019

An interesting theological discussion occurred in my social media feed recently; a theological discussion that was, oddly enough, prompted by an atheist.  Author, atheist, and CNN host S.E. Cupp had sounded off:

“Capital punishment is immoral, unethical, unjust, unconservative, fiscally irresponsible, AND un-Christian. It should end, full stop.”

While I always find it intriguing when outspoken atheists like Cupp start making impassioned appeals to some absolute moral law that (given her worldview) curiously lacks a Moral Lawgiver, I’m more fascinated by her presumptive preachiness regarding what is and isn’t “Christian.” 

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Tuesday, February 26 2019

There is an intra-acronym divorce that is looming within the LGBT movement.  The L’s – or at least a growing number of vocal L’s – have come to accept that the T’s aren’t on the same team.  In fact, they’re diametrically opposed to everything that the L’s (and the G’s for that matter) have fought to establish over the last few decades of their sexual revolution.

For quite some time several of us Bible believers have pointed out the incongruity of homosexual and transgender dogma.  Increasing numbers of conservatives have pointed to the historical reality that revolutionaries will always, when given enough time, turn on one another.  And that appears to be precisely what is unfolding.

The first rumbles might have been noticed at this year’s London Pride March where there was a conspicuous sign that couldn’t be overlooked...

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Monday, February 25 2019

I am skeptical of the hysterical claims regarding the irreversible impact man is having on the global climate for a number of reasons:

  1. Those claims are consistently being made by the same people who have tried for years, in different ways and with different approaches, to usurp more power from the individual and place it in the hands of government.  Climate change strikes me as simply the newest vehicle to use in driving the same path...
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Sunday, February 24 2019

So, as it turns out, replacing the authority of God and the wisdom of His Word with the authority of man and the wisdom of the spirit of the age wasn’t such a great idea after all.  Who would have guessed that?

Rather than submission to the moral laws of the universe, our society has decided to follow every hair-brained philosophy, half-baked theology, and intersectionality-laced, woke-based ideology that pops into our morally bankrupt heads.

And where has it led?  Just open up a newspaper, watch cable news, check Facebook, or scroll through your social media timeline and see for yourself.  You’ll come across things like this...

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Thursday, February 21 2019

I remember after the housing crisis of 2008 hit watching incredulously as every mainstream media outlet allowed Democrat Barack Obama make political hay out of it by adding this line to his stump speech:

“They said they wanted to let the market run free; instead they let it run wild.”

There’s no need to re-adjudicate what has been demonstrated repeatedly about that crisis by objective logic...

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Wednesday, February 20 2019

It’s one of the most curious approaches to a lopsided public policy battle I’ve seen, and yet it continues to work.  The propensity of pro-abortion advocates to play the underdog is so frighteningly effective, I have to ask if the portion of the general population that falls for it has taken complete leave of their senses.

I understand this approach meets the “speak truth to power” mantra that the political left has adopted.  But it doesn’t pass the smell test.  Abortion rights rules the day in this country.  It rules in every state of the union.  To say it bluntly (and this may be depressing for pro-life activists), there is absolutely nothing that stops a woman in any state from having their unborn child legally killed in the womb at any stage of pregnancy...

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Tuesday, February 19 2019

It’s an axiom of child-rearing that conflict is to be expected most often between parent and child when the two individuals possess extremely similar personality traits.  We’ve all either experienced or witnessed such conflict and said, “The problem is that they are SO much alike.” 

Though the parent/child relationship is not necessarily a good analogy to use in the Trump/Mainstream Media dynamic, this principle of “similar traits yields intense conflict” is.

Any fair observer of his personality knows that Trump is arrogant, condescending, petulant, and harbors an intense hostility towards...

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Wednesday, February 13 2019

Pro-life Americans could be excused for overestimating the importance of recent changes on the U.S. Supreme Court.  They have endured one of the most mind-numbing legal battles in the history of modern man, arguing that it shouldn’t be legal for a medical professional to murder tiny human beings while being consistently thwarted by supposedly friendly judges who seem intent on maintaining a status quo that is outdated, unscientific, unconstitutional, immoral, and horrifically bad jurisprudence.

Remember at one point in recent years, Republican presidents had appointed 7 of the 9 Supreme Court justices and abortion on demand had never been so judicially impenetrable...

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Tuesday, February 12 2019

John Cena confuses me. 

No, I’m not confused by his career choice of professional wrestling, his ungodly gargantuan size, or anything like that.  To each his own.  I’m confused by his fairly self-evident (as in, most elementary students could pick up on it) contradictory television campaign promoted by the Ad Council called, “We Are America.” 

The ad was actually crafted by some outfit labeling itself “Love Has No Labels,” a self-contradiction itself that perhaps should have tipped me off from the start that the ad wasn’t going to be an exercise in intellectualism...

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Monday, February 11 2019

In his recent State of the Union address, President Trump triumphantly declared that America will never be a socialist country.  As much as I hate to break it to him and those who hopefully cheer that sentiment, it’s just not true.  We all know it’s not true.  And we all know why.

If I can just be blunt, it’s a little tiresome to see so many adult Americans express shock over how popular the aged Bernie Sanders and his youthful iteration, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are amongst young people, including the millennial generation. 

During the 2016 presidential primary I...

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Sunday, February 10 2019

I guess he’s what you would call the poster child for these “unwanted children” we always hear about.

I read about him sitting in my hotel room preparing for a speech to a group of pro-life Canadians last week.  He is nine years old, the same age as my oldest daughter.  His mother had abandoned him, thrusting him into a drama that resulted in the courts placing him with his Dad, Alex Shadlow.  Shadlow and girlfriend Traci Tyler apparently didn’t want him either.

They locked him in nothing short of a dungeon, starved him, and made him urinate in a small tin can or have accidents on himself by refusing to allow him access to a bathroom.  I think what got to me most...

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Wednesday, February 06 2019

"No one is pro-abortion.”  That’s what the commenter said in response to one of my stories last week about the sudden, unveiled, and frighteningly bold push by progressives to advocate for nothing short of legalizing infanticide.  It was nice to see that even with the left’s newfound stomach for abortion that is anything but “safe and rare,” they were still willing to fall back onto tired, worn-out semantical games to justify the gruesome ritual.

It’s tough to imagine a more useless phrase than calling oneself “pro-choice.”  We are all pro-choice.  That is, we all believe that people should be given choices about the conduct of their own lives.  The real question that serious minds have to deal with is, and has always been, what things should a human being not be allowed to choose...

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Tuesday, February 05 2019

It is the single greatest story of social injustice of our time.

It is the civil rights issue of our era.

It is the only issue that is a greater stain on our national character than the legacy of slavery.

And yet when its repulsive face was thrust front and center in recent days, those who masquerade as the socially conscious voices of justice in our society revealed themselves to be posers...

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Monday, February 04 2019

The Social Justice church continues embarrassing itself.  And while I continue praying for unity within the church of Christ, for the diminishment of manufactured schisms and the futile exaltation of manmade schemes for worldly reconciliation, it’s getting to the point where I’m convinced that this movement is just going to have to burn itself out by butchering its own credibility amongst the brethren. 

Commentaries like the one offered recently by social justice theologian Timothy Isaiah Cho convince me the credibility-butchering has commenced in earnest.  Check out this masterpiece:

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Sunday, February 03 2019

As the snowball of condemnation began to grow larger and larger as it cascaded down the Virginia mountainside, bearing down on the Governor’s mansion last weekend, I was curious how the “Facts First” network (that would be CNN) would be covering the story.

Just as a reminder, this is the same “Facts First” network that held panel discussions and breaking news chyrons over every new development in the “Brett Kavanaugh likes beer” saga a couple months ago.  The same “Facts First” network that went crazy in dragging Catholic high school kids before they had, well, any facts at all...

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