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Sunday, June 30 2019

Though my vote goes for the tough-guy stare down of Eric Swalwell after the Congressman criticized his handling of a police shooting, many are saying that Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s strongest moment of last week’s Democratic presidential “debate” was this rant on religion:

“The Republican Party likes to cloak itself in the language of religion. Now, our party doesn’t talk about that as much, largely for a very good reason, which was we are committed to the separation of church and state and we stand for people of any religion and people of no religion. But we should call out hypocrisy when we see it...

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Wednesday, June 26 2019

Admittedly it sounds far-fetched, that the Democrat Party would cancel their presidential primaries in deference to a selection committee of party leaders.  But given the praise being heaped on Senator Cory Booker for his recent interview with MSNBC Lawrence O’Donnell, I don’t think it’s quite as absurd as some would pretend.

If you missed it, here was the exchange...

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Tuesday, June 25 2019

Generally speaking, the entertainment industry is no friend to Christians attempting to raise their children to resist worldly conformity and embrace Godliness.  Taylor Swift’s recently released Christian-mocking, LGBT-affirming anthem You Need to Calm Down is the latest example.

The 29-year-old pop sensation brings together a cast of colorful celebrity collaborators to depict those who would choose to promote biblical sexual ethics as backwards, mean-spirited, even toothless cretins, angrily berating anyone who expresses their sexuality in a nontraditional way.

The tune itself is classic Swift – hardly a compositional masterpiece destined to stand the test of time, but aggressively repetitive and...

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Monday, June 24 2019

The Washington Examiner ran a piece recently detailing leading Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden’s humiliating flip-flop regarding the role he played in the critical Navy SEALs mission to kill Osama bin Laden.  Jerry Dunleavy notes,

After initially saying that he opposed the operation and told President Barack Obama not to do it, the 2020 Democratic front-runner changed his account to say he hedged in front of other officials but privately told Obama to go ahead.

Every other account of the decision-making process indicates that the former vice president's first version was true and his later accounts were not. In 2012, he said his advice was, 'Don’t go.' By 2015, he had settled on saying he'd privately told Obama to 'go' ...

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Monday, June 24 2019

New York Magazine’s Olivia Nuzzi has claimed previously that she is “not a liberal,” and does her job in a non-partisan manner.  I don’t follow her work closely but I have no reason not to take her at her word.  That said, her penchant for finding raaaaaaacism in something as innocuous as the original Trump/Pence logo tells me that she has some social justice warrior tendencies lurking somewhere within.  I suppose working with the Anthony Weiner mayoral campaign as well as associations with the Washington Post, GQ, and Esquire might help facilitate some of that too.

Suffice it to say that it’s probably a safe bet that Nuzzi is one who doesn’t view the current manifestation of our culture’s ongoing sexual revolution with quite the same cynicism as I do.  Given that I think we are witnessing nothing short of the implosion of common sense and a societal declaration of war against God’s created moral order, Ms. Nuzzi and I probably aren’t on the same page...

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Thursday, June 20 2019

Just a few days ago I was driving in a part of my home city that I hardly ever frequent.  Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a very impressive, very large, stone monument.  It was an elaborate display, including very large plaques and pictures honoring the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  I stopped by to check it out and saw that the monument was apparently erected in 2016.  I wonder how much longer it will be there.

Don’t mistake that to mean that I don’t think King’s legacy is worthy of honor or recognition.  I do.  I just also know that we are living in a sorry era where everyone’s legacy has to be run through the social justice warrior approved purity test, and if some offensive way be found in these figures of history...

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Wednesday, June 19 2019

God is the foundation of all logic, science, reason, and morality.  It is to be expected, then, that if you or your culture rebels against God, you will necessarily rebel against logic, science, reason, and morality. 

If there were any question remaining about whether or not American pop culture was in outright, flagrant rebellion to God’s moral order (and there isn’t of course), this should pretty well put it to bed.

Mel Magazine, a publication owned by Dollar Shave Club and its parent company Unilever, is ostensibly a “men’s magazine.”  But what does “men” mean these days?  Well, ironically, that’s an extremely complicated question if you ask Mel Magazine...

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Tuesday, June 18 2019

I don’t know if they’re the ones who came up with it or if it had been done before.  But Students for Life and the Susan B. Anthony List just did something very clever in response to the news that responsible pro-life advocate Live Action had been banned from Pinterest for being…well, pro-life.

It appears Students for Life initiated the plan, but I saw it in this tweet from Susan B. Anthony List:

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Monday, June 17 2019

File this under the “What did I just watch” category.  It was so absurd, so mindless, so bizarre, so kooky a concept, I didn’t think it was even possible it could be true.  It was being reported by the notoriously left-wing Right Wing Watch (a project of People for the American Way) which has a seeming obsession with misrepresentation for the sake of clicks and scare-mongering, so I was confident this was but another example.

But it was real.  He really said this, and by all accounts, he really seems to believe it...

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Sunday, June 16 2019

Trump’s personal problems are myriad.  He is as polarizing a figure as Democrats could have ever hoped to have in office if they were forced to run against an incumbent president.  He’s petulant, thin-skinned, and unfocused to boot.  Elected Republicans are largely uncomfortable associating too much with him, even while they try to walk the tight rope of defending his “policies.”  Many staunch conservatives who hold moral character as a non-negotiable in determining their vote, refuse to support him.

He’s the dream opponent for the Democrats.  They managed to lose to him in 2016 by doing the unthinkable: nominate the only person in the country who was more polarizing, less likable, and more untrustworthy than him.  But in 2020?  In 2020 all they have to do is just not be crazy...

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Thursday, June 13 2019

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been surprising a lot of people recently.  First, the talk of her considering a Senate primary challenge of Democrat institution Chuck Schumer.  Then, her promotion of over-the-counter birth control which has been a Republican Party policy idea for some time now.

And then, this...

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Wednesday, June 12 2019

NPR recently ran a silly story with this provocative headline: “We All Owe Al Gore an Apology.”  I dissent.

Let’s first be clear about Gore.  After losing the 2000 presidential election, Gore found a cause to peddle in global warming.  He partnered with affluent donors, created a documentary full of hyperbolic exaggeration and dire warnings about an impending ecological armageddon, and made millions.  And millions.  He divorced his wife and became the international playboy of global warming-turned-climate change-turned-climate disruption-turned-whatever we’re calling it now...

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Tuesday, June 11 2019

The wave of pro-life legislation continues to roll across the American southeast, as Louisiana became the latest in a series of states to protect all humans with beating hearts from being tortured to death with medical instruments.  But there was something that set Louisiana apart from Georgia, Mississippi, and Alabama. 

Louisiana’s heartbeat abortion ban was introduced by a Democrat, supported by many others, and signed into law by a Democrat Governor. 

How can that happen? ...

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Monday, June 10 2019

I’m not a psychologist.  I took one or two general classes on the subject during my undergrad years.  So I don’t know the proper diagnosis, the scientific name, or the proper designation for what ails President Trump.  Some say malignant narcissism.  Some say an inferiority complex.  Some say a simple lack of maturity, or a dangerous cocktail of many of those conditions.  Again, I’ll leave the professional diagnosis for those who know better.

But I am a student and teacher of history.  Though my fascination has admittedly waned in recent years, I used to be thoroughly enamored with the American presidency – the officeholders as well as the mystique of the office itself...

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Thursday, June 06 2019

I freely admit I haven’t done much in the way of keeping up with former actress Alyssa Milano’s sex life, but does anyone know if her strike is still on?  Remember it was about a month ago that in her most recent desperate ploy to remain relevant that she unleashed Sex Strike 2019.  It was genius from the start: 

  1. In order to advocate for the right to kill children, she sought to ensure that women who might want to kill children not ever get pregnant. 
  2. She proved the efficacy and effectiveness of abstinence, and that actually “reproductive rights” has everything to do with what happens BEFORE sexual activity, not after conception...
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Wednesday, June 05 2019

Several of us in my home state of Indiana were half-amused, half-annoyed several years ago when left-wing corporate fascists became apoplectic after then-Governor Pence signed the state’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act.  Annoyed because economic boycotts of the nature they initiated are always counterproductive; amused because the execs seemed completely oblivious to their hypocrisy and inconsistency. 

For instance, GenCon threatened to leave Indianapolis over the new law.  But if they did, where were they going to go?  Chicago?  Illinois had an identical Religious Freedom law, as did 7 of the top 10 convention cities in the nation as ranked by Cvent, the world’s “leading authority on strategic meetings management"...

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Tuesday, June 04 2019

I live in a small city and work in a rural community in Indiana.  And one of the most notorious characteristics of small-town life is the ever-present minority of malcontented residents who seemingly find their sense of purpose in running down their community.  Demonizing the lack of culture, refinement, and scholarship that surrounds them, they tell everyone within earshot how they can’t wait to leave.  “Small towns, small minds,” they conclude, living under the silly delusion that urban centers boast only open-minded, tolerant minds.

See, having grown up with a Dad in the U.S. Air Force and all its requisite transfers and relocations, as well as having personally operated a reasonably extensive itinerant speaking ministry for several years, I’ve experienced and been exposed to life in and around my fair share of big cities.  And despite being very content with where I am, I don’t fault anyone for preferring the energy, excitement, and opportunities of city life...

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Monday, June 03 2019

Indiana’s Attorney General Curtis Hill has hastily appealed a recent ruling from pro-abortion federal judge Sarah Barker.  For almost two years, a dangerous abortion mill from Texas notorious for poor sanitation and health conditions has been fighting the state of Indiana over their licensing requirements.

Long story short, Indiana has passed laws requiring abortion clinics to meet basic health standards that medical facilities are required to meet, given that they are performing invasive and dangerous procedures on women.  The Orwellian named Whole Women’s Health of Texas doesn’t want to be forced to abide by those standards.  After all, they have been busted for multiple violations at their Texas facilities...

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