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Sunday, March 31 2019

Let’s start off with the obvious acknowledgement: Twitter is a private company owned by Jack Dorsey, and therefore he has every right to run his business in a way that adheres to his values and conscience.  It’s not like he’s a Christian baker, after all.

No one with any respect for freedom of conscience, freedom of speech, freedom of association, or freedom in general should confuse Dorsey and company’s fealty to narrow-minded left-wing orthodoxy with censorship. 

This isn’t the government silencing dissent.  This is a private company frightened of the expression of competing ideas in the public square, using their power to pretend that better ideas than their own – ideas that would expose them as anti-intellectual, anti-science, and/or immoral – don’t exist...

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Thursday, March 28 2019

In case you have forgotten, Jack Phillips is the Christian baker who owns “Masterpiece Cakeshop” in Colorado.  It was Phillips who served gay clients as well as non-gay clients without prejudice for years.  Yet it was also Phillips who was asked by a homosexual couple to customize a wedding cake with particular messaging rather than merely purchase a premade wedding cake for their upcoming nuptials.   

That moment precipitated a nightmare for Phillips, who became the prime target of the so-called Colorado Civil Rights Commission...

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Wednesday, March 27 2019

So it appears that the Democrat presidential primary is going to include more than just a competition amongst the candidates to see who holds Vice President Mike Pence in greater contempt.  It will also involve a stirring debate over the abolition of one of the integral elements to our constitutional order and system: the Electoral College.

First, I can’t help but note the obvious irony present when a group of individuals livid over how President Donald Trump is “shredding the Constitution,” talk freely and openly about their desire to obliterate one of the most recognizable features of the document...

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Tuesday, March 26 2019

In response to being called out for one of the most shockingly self-unaware tweets of the year, Time magazine reporter Charlotte Alter turned to fellow millennials for support.  And it only made things worse.

You will remember that Alter was the one whose cover story on Representative Ocasio-Cortez included the pathetic rationale that the reason millennials are choosing socialism is because they have never known prosperity.  It’s an unrealistic premise as I outlined here

When others rightly mocked the assertion that the most privileged generation in American history was underprivileged, Alter retweeted fellow blue-checked, left-wing millennial Amanda Litman who protested...

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Monday, March 25 2019

After the United Methodist Church recently voted to keep promoting God’s moral standard of human sexuality as their own, rather than embracing the spirit of the age, author Jen Hatmaker (who originally rose to fame within the realm of Christian literature) was beside herself.  Taking to Facebook, she posted:

“A quick heartfelt note to my LGBTQ darlings, especially the dear young gaybies, beloved by Jesus: 

You are so incredibly precious and wonderful and needed.  You are gorgeously created, every molecule.  We love you.  You are...

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Sunday, March 24 2019

There’s an awful lot of talk about “privilege” these days, but not much talk about one of the most peculiar things relating to it: the people who seem to scream the loudest about it are apparently unaware that they themselves are often the most privileged among us.

Maybe they do know it and their obsession with telling everyone else to “check their privilege” is overcompensation for their guilt.  But I don’t think so.  I think they have truly convinced themselves that they too are victims of the privileged class...

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Wednesday, March 20 2019

Every time this comes up, and every time I choose to write about it, I can already predict the emails and the responses I’m going to get: “How dare you compare those behaviors!”  “This is comparing apples and oranges!”  “These things aren’t at all the same and it’s sick to compare them!”

So before I write another word, let me try to preempt that by making this abundantly clear: I am asking a question in this article, I am not making an accusation.  This is about me asking a group of people who have told me repeatedly that their concept of human sexuality is far more moral and just than God’s...

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Tuesday, March 19 2019

Let’s face it, CNN’s Jim Acosta is way too easy of a target.  His narcissism is legendary; the romance he has with himself is one of history’s greatest love stories.  His credibility is so shot, his trustworthiness so extinct, it’s actually a shocking self-own that CNN continues to trot him out there as their “Chief White House Correspondent.”  Suffice it to say that a network already suffering from low ratings and a credibility crisis is not helped by consistently featuring a man who has become a walking one-liner to citizens across the political spectrum.

So ordinarily I wouldn’t take the time to pluck the low-hanging fruit.  But Jason Howerton of The Blaze posted a video montage of Acosta that was so jarring, so brutal, so devastating that it...

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Monday, March 18 2019

So let’s just be forthright and candid about Robert “Beto” O’Rourke: as a candidate, he’s a disaster pick.  An absolute train wreck.  While his effort is undeniable, and the overabundance of time he has on his hands to dedicate to the trail is unquestioned, he has a remarkable amount of baggage.

As Jim Geraghty recently pointed out:

If Beto had an R after his name instead of a D, you’d hear he was [a] boarding-school-attending judge’s son who dodged serious charges for the DUI & burglary, used eminent domain to gentrify poor Latino neighborhoods & married into a billionaire’s family...

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Sunday, March 17 2019

I’ve written before about the bizarre hatred leftists hold for the exceedingly pleasant and friendly Vice President Mike Pence.  It’s a paradox when you think about it: everything the left claims to hate about Trump – his brashness, cockiness, braggadocio, lack of filter, petulance, peevishness, and the contempt he seems to hold for his political opponents – is at odds with everything that Mike Pence is.  Pence is the “perfect” counterbalance to Trump.  If you hate the style of one, you should appreciate the other.

But hatred is never overly concerned with logic or lucid reasoning.  Hatred assumes the worst of people; and so in the case of Pence...

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Thursday, March 14 2019

The other day I wrote about the unhelpful movement of Christian self-help gurus, many of whom become very rich off of turning Christianity into a New Age faith of self-empowerment.  Gurus like Joel Osteen and his guide to living your best life now, or Rachel Hollis and her directive to stop apologizing and realize that, “All that really matters is how bad you want those dreams and what you’re willing to do to make them happen.”

In my article I wrote about how this philosophy is almost completely at odds with the doctrine of Jesus who taught that our “dream” as believers should be to live a life of faithfulness, with an eye on eternity, no matter what that means for our material success or worldly renown.  Specifically, I wrote...

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Wednesday, March 13 2019

I say this without the intention of being provocative or insulting, but Rider University is a silly place.  If I were a student at Rider, I would be embarrassed.  If I were faculty at Rider, I would ashamed.  If I were an administrator at Rider, I would be tempted to do exactly what their dean over the College of Business recently did.

Rider University, as you may recall, is the New Jersey institution of higher learning that humiliated itself by forbid Chick-fil-A from opening on campus despite its popularity because of the company’s “biblical stance on LGBTQ issues.”  What stance, you ask...

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Tuesday, March 12 2019

I struggle to even make the effort to outline my opposition to the so-called “Green New Deal” because it seems flatly absurd that anyone could take it serious enough to justify my time spent.  Retrofitting every building in America, spending almost $100 trillion (an amount four times more than the current astronomical national debt), providing a job for every person that wants one and paying for those who don’t – these are the kinds of juvenile ideas that get laughed out of high school government classes.

But we live in unserious times and are led by unserious politicians in every corner...

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Monday, March 11 2019

According to the most reliable polling data, despite all the fanfare, media bluster, and jockeying amongst a boatload of candidates desperate to emerge from the already crowded field of contenders, the race for the Democratic nomination for president is currently a competition between two old white guys.   Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders and former Vice President Joe Biden are currently several lengths out in front of the Democrat horse race.

How classic is that?  The same party that has bet its future on intersectionality, race-baiting, feminist courting, and minority madness, is trying to pick between two old Caucasian men...

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Sunday, March 10 2019

To this point, anti-Semitic freshman representative Ilhan Omar has not made many friends on the political right.  From her unartful prosecution of Elliott Abrams in a hearing over Venezuela to her support of the boycott, divestment, sanction (BDS) movement against American ally Israel, Omar has become a favored target of Republicans eager to point out the increasing radicalism of the modern Democrat Party.

But Omar seems inclined to make herself an equal opportunity pain-in-the-keister.  In an interview published last week, Omar did the unthinkable.  She trashed former president Obama...

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Thursday, March 07 2019

The popular era of Christian self-help gurus is extraordinarily perplexing to me.  It didn’t start with Joel Osteen, though he typically is regarded as the modern godfather of the movement.  It’s perplexing because Biblical Christian teaching is fundamentally at odds with any notion of self-help.  Perhaps I should rephrase that.  Biblical Christian teaching is focused on establishing the enduring truth that the only “help” our “self” can get is by putting it to death.

Christ never tells us to esteem ourselves.  He tells us to “kill” ourselves and find new life in Him.  Only by putting to death our selfish ambitions, vain conceit, and our impassioned desires to make this life all about our own dreams and goals, can we find liberation and real, lasting, meaningful “help"...

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Wednesday, March 06 2019

After the remarkably depressing Covington Catholic situation on the National Mall a couple months ago, I wrote a commentary and produced a video that said, in a nutshell: we hate each other and that isn’t going to end well.

That’s why when my former boss recently tweeted a New York Times article entitled “Our Culture of Contempt” to me, I was immediately drawn to it.  That’s what we’re living in after all, and the author of the piece, Arthur C. Brooks, identified just how desperate the situation has become...

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Tuesday, March 05 2019

For those who have thought that it will take an outrage of global proportions to restore sanity to the spectacle of feelings-over-science that is transgenderism, I can’t help but think we are on the cusp of that very moment. 

Last week I wrote about how it was beginning to dawn on an increasing number of gay and lesbian activists that the doctrine of transgenderism completely undermines their own.  If gender is a fluid, social construct with no binding social or cultural value, then the premise behind homosexuality is obliterated.

In short, you can believe the gay conception of sexuality and identity or you can believe the transgender one.  You can’t believe both...

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Monday, March 04 2019

I don’t belong to the Methodist denomination or tradition, but I am a Christian.  And like many of my fellow believers, I watched the recent drama at the United Methodist Church special session of General Conference with an overriding sense of surrealism.  The debate was ostensibly about whether the UMC would continue regarding homosexual romantic or sexual relationships as, “incompatible with Christian teaching.”  But clearly that is only the manifesting issue on the periphery of a far more fundamental question: what would serve as the foundation point for UMC doctrine going forward – the testimony of Christian scripture or the spirit of the age?

That this is even a question to anyone who pretends to take Biblical authority seriously is, as I said, surreal...

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Sunday, March 03 2019

I don’t have any desire to relitigate the contentious battle conservatives and Republicans had amongst ourselves as to whether Donald Trump was an acceptable flag bearer for our ideology during the 2016 presidential campaign.  Trump won the nomination fairly, he won the presidency fairly, and he deserves to be praised when he does good things, while also deserving criticism when he does bad things.

That said, fair-minded observers can surely look at the recently concluded 2019 CPAC event and ask...

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