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Monday, October 01 2018

It was a classroom full of six-year-olds all dressed – boys and girls – in identical outfits: blue pants, white dress shirts, and ties (probably clip-on).  There was nothing about their attire that conveyed gender distinctions.  They were busy working on a writing assignment in the clip posted by the BBC, as the teacher’s voice broke the silence: 

“You’re Prince Henry.  You’re going to tell Thomas why it’s a brilliant idea for him to marry you.” 

The camera panned back to show the stationary that had been provided for these young students equivalent to American 1st graders.  It had a border of various outlined and shaded hearts of different sizes – they were writing a love letter.  A love letter from one boy to another.  In this exercise specifically, they were taking on the role of a male Prince who wants to marry his male servant.

If you’re anticipating me hyperbolically flying off the handle at the outrage of the LGBT movement brainwashing our children you’ll be waiting for awhile.  While saddening to someone who knows what rebellion to God’s moral order brings on humanity, there’s nothing about this that surprises me.  Indeed, it’s the logical end and natural consequence of a competing worldview that has supplanted the Biblical one as the driving cultural force behind Western Civilization.

To those for whom God does not exist, or for whom god is merely a personal amalgamation of various attributes and characteristics they have randomly chosen themselves as being worthy of their worship (things like tolerance, sexual freedom, social welfare, etc.), what is happening in this school is utterly reasonable.  Different people do different things, are into different things, prefer different things, and every person’s choices (sexual, romantic, or otherwise) must be respected and affirmed.  Obvious hypocrisies and glaring inconsistencies in the application of this “universal truth” will be ignored, and the spirit of the age will persist.

But while it does, we might be wise to make two important observations:

1. There is no longer any pretense or pretending, public schools are the progressive left’s Sunday Schools with secularism their doctrine.  This is values-based education that is focused on promoting one theological viewpoint (secularism) as superior over all others.  The curriculum is specifically designed to undo the “false doctrines” taught by world religions through activities and lesson that promote the higher merits of sexual secularism.

Separation of church and state becomes a farce as the state church utilizes the public school lectern as the pulpit to espouse authoritative doctrine.

2. The proliferation of the kind of classroom “instruction” should, and most likely will, signify a game changer for Christian parents.  State worship of Darwinian evolution caused many such parents to bolt government schools, understanding that it was a bellwether for the future credibility of Biblical authority in the classroom.  But others stayed, battling for carve-outs and protections against indoctrination (“teach the controversy,” “introduce students to alternatives,” “ignore theories on origins and concentrate on operational science”). 

But what is happening at this English Bewsey Lodge Primary School is not a, “learn it and demonstrate you understand it” arrangement.  This isn’t compelled information.  It’s compelled participation.  These six-year-olds aren’t being asked to recognize the “different types of families” (single-parent, Mom/Dad, Mom/Mom, Dad/Dad, Throuple, etc.).  They are being asked to write a same-sex love letter, pretending to be one of the participants in the relationship.

It’s impossible to imagine a circumstance where a conscientious Christian parent who takes seriously their God-given responsibility to disciple their children looks at this kind of environment and says, “We can work with that.” 

This is, after all, nothing but the next logical step in the sexual revolution.  One where its allies use the power of government to impose a new morality on, and compel a pitiless compliance from, the masses.   

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