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Sunday, October 28 2018

Just last week I wrote these words:

Christian university presidents and faculty have, for a host of inexcusable reasons, allowed a spirit of rebellion to overrun their institutions, resulting in an utter corruption of a new generation of “Christian” preachers, teachers, and professionals who understand precious little about having a mind transformed to a Biblical worldview.  They speak the language of the Bible, all while advocating a submission to the spirit of the age.

And right on cue, today I come across the most recent Biblical atrocity being taught by a graduate of Moody Bible Institute.  Brandan Robertson, an LGBT activist masquerading as a minister of the Gospel of Jesus, recently shared with his congregation at Missiongathering Christian Church (Robertson deleted the video once he began taking heat for it, but the text was preserved by Chelsen Vicari):

“For those who are in an open or polyamorous relationship here this morning who might be squirming, because this is an uncomfortable question to hear in church sometimes. I want you to hear me loud and clear as a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Your relationships are holy. They are beautiful and they are welcomed and celebrated in this space.”

It's not so much that a worldly person with worldly values would espouse nonsense that draws moral equivalence between man/woman monogamous marriage and a group orgy.  It’s that someone who graduated from Moody, deigns to lead a church and refer to himself shamelessly as a “minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ” does so. 

I find my range of emotions responding to this to be wide and varied.  My first reaction is a burdened grief for those being misled.  I want there to be a way to reach every person impacted by this lie and correct it in truth and with grace. 

My second reaction is trembling on behalf of Robertson in light of the stern, serious, and unequivocal warnings Scripture holds for those who dare to preach and teach – that they are held to a higher account by God Himself.

Thirdly, I’m astounded by the success Satan has in deceiving minds and in encouraging the twisting of Scripture for his own purposes.  Robertson, after all, has been pushed down this road of disobedience by a host of “progressive” mentors – from Rob Bell to Brian McLaren.  These are not individuals unfamiliar with the Word of God.  They are, however, men who have willingly chosen for whatever reason to manipulate that Word in order to accommodate sin.  It seems that calling these men heretics and blasphemers only emboldens their efforts, and I wonder what might be a better, more productive approach to silencing their dangerous counsel – for their sake and ours.

Fourth, I am left dumbfounded at the utter lack of self-awareness in Brandan himself.  He clearly acknowledges in his teaching that he is obliterating what has been the traditional teaching and Biblical moral standard for Godly romantic relationships.  He does so in the name of tolerance and love – apparently believing that established moral boundaries are inherently discriminatory and unloving.  But then he goes on to say this:

“We call all of us together to the same set of standards that we call everyone to: to seek to follow Jesus in all of our relationships. To seek to be honest and respectful and self-sacrificial and consensual and loving with your partners. When any of us live into these standards we can be sure we are on the path to wholeness and holiness.”

Where does Brandan get the idea that “honesty, respectfulness, self-sacrifice, consent, and love” are standards that should be imposed on people’s relationships?  What is his point-of-reference?  And how does disobeying Christ’s clear teaching that a “man will leave his father and mother and hold to his wife, and the two will become one flesh,” live up to Brandan’s stated expectation that we, “seek to follow Jesus in all of our relationships?”  The very nature of romantic and sexual relationships outside of what Jesus taught dishonor Him.

This is tragic on so many levels, and yet it was entirely predictable and predicted.  Dismissed repeatedly by progressive voices for promoting “slippery slope” fallacies, it is now self-evident that the slope was real, it was indeed slippery, and we are now in a complete freefall.  Sadly, that is apparent within the walls of American Christendom every bit as much as it is outside them.

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