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Sunday, February 24 2019

So, as it turns out, replacing the authority of God and the wisdom of His Word with the authority of man and the wisdom of the spirit of the age wasn’t such a great idea after all.  Who would have guessed that?

Rather than submission to the moral laws of the universe, our society has decided to follow every hair-brained philosophy, half-baked theology, and intersectionality-laced, woke-based ideology that pops into our morally bankrupt heads.

And where has it led?  Just open up a newspaper, watch cable news, check Facebook, or scroll through your social media timeline and see for yourself.  You’ll come across things like this:

A woman who claims to be in love with a man is struggling with marrying him because society has decided that being white is bad.  In lamenting the errors of white supremacy, we have overcorrected to the point of jerking our societal wheels off the other side of the road.  Now true love and commitment is subject to a melanin count.  Not bright.

And while we’re on the melanin-obsession problem, so is this:

A Jewish magazine throwing its support behind an outed and unapologetic anti-Semite.  And why?  Because the culture has embraced an intersectionality ideology that rates your victimization category like the college basketball ranking system.  Victims of white supremacy are ranked higher than victims of anti-Semitism.  Ilhan Omar may be an anti-Semite, but she is perceived as an enemy of Donald Trump who gets tagged as a friend of white supremacy.  Therefore, the victims her words abuse don’t count – even if those victims are the ones writing the magazine.  Also, not bright.

It’s a similar principle as this:

Here we have a gay rights magazine supporting a theocratic Iranian regime that tortures and murders people for being gay.  Why?  Because Islamophobia trumps homophobia in this ranking of phobias – even when the ranking is done by those who supposedly exist to combat homophobia.  If you’re confused, take that as a good sign.  It means you haven’t been fully infected with this dimwittedness.

If you are, there seems to be little hope of recovery.  It’s not a slippery slope, after all.  It’s a bottomless pit.  And one of the best ways to know that you have fallen into it is if you start tweeting things like this:

I’d say God help us, but it’s pretty clear we don’t want Him to.   

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