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Get beyond the pages, and experience the power of 78 in the way that only the book's author, renowned public speaker Peter Heck, can deliver. 

Relentlessly energetic, loaded with humor, and providing a convicting challenge to the most complacent skeptic, the 78 Presentation(s) will leave your congregation, convention, or youth conference inspired and motivated to change their world.


In addition to a single presentation, 78 is offered in different extended formats including:


  • A two-part presentation perfect for your Sunday church services, which includes an additional 25-30 minute morning sermon (Part I) that precedes the evening presentation (Part II).  This format is a great way to "tease" the presentation to your full congregation to ensure excellent attendance.
  • An in-depth four-part series that is great for evening services.  The first presentation provides a stark realization of where we stand, and is followed by three successive presentations where Peter unveils in detail the strategy for Christians to instigate a movement to reform the church, revolutionize the government, and renew our culture.

To book any of these live presentations, or to receive further information about them, please fill out and submit the booking form provided here.