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Just over 78% of the American population claims the Christian tradition.

If that's the case...our culture does not look as it should.

You've heard Christians speak of the need to "save America." Now learn why...and how.

Nationally and internationally read political columnist, talk radio host, public high school teacher, and renowned public speaker, Peter Heck, draws on personal experience, on-air debates and conversations, and an impressive amount of academic research to author this powerful call to action for Christians to save the United States of America from impending disaster by focusing on three critical challenges:


Reforming the Church

The American church has lost its way, and must stop exchanging true, Biblical Christianity for emotionally-driven entertainment.


Revolutionizing the Government

The best government is self-government, but apart from the moral restraint taught by Christianity, freedom flounders.


Renewing the Culture

Restore the sanctity of life, defend the Biblical model of family, and train our children in truth and we rescue a dying society.