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Four live presentations about the destiny of all men, predicated upon the authority of the Bible alone.

We should be thinking and talking about death.  Not because we are macabre.  But because we wisely recognize what God has told us – the entirety of our existence on earth is merely the beginning of our life.  Only a fool then would fail to think about what happens when the beginning ends.


There is a profound difference between the question of whether we want to believe in a God who would allow humans to go to Hell and whether we can believe in such a God.  If we are wise, what we think about eternity will be subject to what God says about eternity.  Forget what we feel, trust what we're told.

How do you describe the indescribable?  How do finite minds comprehend or explain the infinite grace, infinite beauty, infinite duration, infinite joy, and infinite contentment of an eternal heaven?  God knows our dilemma and reveals in the pages of His Word snapshots of the magnificence that awaits us.


Unless we believe that Jesus was a liar, that the Spirit-inspired Scriptures are untrustworthy, and that God's character is unreliable, Hell exists.  And though it was never intended for us, the physical, social, and psychological torments of eternal condemnation is terrifyingly real.