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1. Are We Worshipping a God That Isn't There?

Can science prove or disprove God?  Are there fingerprints of God that we can observe?  What are the alternatives to a God?  What can the human personality tell us about God?

2. Do Christians Choose Faith Over Science?

Is the intellectual condescension Darwinists direct towards Christians fair?  How accurate has the Bible been historically when it comes to science?  Does Darwinian evolution rely on unmentioned assumptions?  If atheist scientists acknowledge the necessity of design, but reject God, who do they put in His place?

3. Is the God of the Bible Cruel or Unfair?

What are the logical flaws inherent in attempting to judge the character of God?  How does a Christian respond to the age-old question, 'Why do bad things happen to good people?'  Did God set us up to fail just to make Himself the hero?  Why did God go ahead with creation when He knew He would send people to Hell?

4. Do Christians Worship a God of Slavery and Genocide?

Does the Bible really condone the institution of slavery?  How can Christians worship a God who commanded acts of genocide in the Old Testament?  Does a God of love drown the entire world except for one family?  Is the saving God of the New Testament really the same God as the violent one in the Old Testament?

5. Is the Resurrection of Jesus a Myth?

Did Jesus of Nazareth really die in a public crucifixion?  Did the executed Jesus really appear to witnesses after His death?  What evidence do we have for the resurrection, and is it reliable?  How do we know it was a physical resurrection and not just spiritual hallucination? 

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