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Tuesday, January 08 2019

It can’t continue.  It won’t continue.  Jesus said it, Lincoln plagiarized it, and it’s still true: “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

It was always a foregone conclusion that the left’s cultural revolution was never going to end well for society.  But what so many people who consider themselves progressive never paused to consider, apparently, was that revolutions rarely end well for the revolutionaries.  It’s almost axiomatic that as a revolution unfolds, even if it meets with initial successes, various factions will form and begin devouring one another.

Just days ago this story broke – one that is almost too stupid to even take time to comment on (I say almost because obviously I found value in pointing to it as a case study in the very phenomenon I’m addressing):

Organizers of a Women’s March rally slated for Northern California next month have canceled the event, saying they were concerned that participants would have been “overwhelmingly white.”

In a news release, organizers for the march in Eureka – about 270 miles north of San Francisco – said Friday the "decision was made after many conversations between local social-change organizers and supporters of the march.” 

“Up to this point, the participants have been overwhelmingly white, lacking representation from several perspectives in our community,” the news release continued.

So here we see a march supposedly dedicated to addressing concerns of “women” being shut down because it didn’t sufficiently meet some woke criteria for racial and ethnic diversity.  White women aren’t quite women enough apparently.  The left eats itself.

This woke cannibalism is occurring in the progressive church movement as well.  I recently came across this stunningly absurd challenge to pastors by Kaitlin Curtice, a contributor to progressive Christian organizations Sojourners and the Red Letter Christians:

“Pastors, In 2019, do you think you could quote 52 non-white-dudes in your sermons, especially if you’re a white dude?” 

Apparently it didn’t dawn on Kaitlin – a contributor to pseudo-Christian organizations, no less – that any pastor who quotes the Bible in his sermons is quoting non-white-dudes…every week.  But regardless, notice again what is important isn’t the soundness of one’s theology, it’s a diversity component, the “woke quotient” that matters.

But it gets worse than the wokeness.  Take the intellectually vapid, morally rudderless, and ethically confused blind crusade towards sexual anarchy and you’re set for a doozy of an implosion.  The foundational acronym LGBT spells disaster from the start, after all.

Homosexual dogma (the L’s and the G’s) have imposed by cultural fiat the assumption that sexual orientation and attraction is innate, unchangeable, and fixed.  This “born that way” philosophy was the basis and justification for the claims to marriage rights, adoption rights, and more. 

But transgender dogma (the T’s) are attempting to impose by cultural fiat the assumption that sexual identity is a social construct.  If you don’t see a scientific inconsistency between “your attractions can’t ever change but your sex can change daily” then you’re not paying attention.

And let’s not leave out the often-overlooked bisexual dogma (the B’s).  Their very identifier implies that there are two genders.  Meanwhile, transgender dogma is currently battling that proposition as bigoted and dehumanizing.  In other words, the very acronym upon which the movement is predicated (LGBT) is, by their own definition, transphobic.


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