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Thursday, December 20 2018

If you do a Google search on the terms “Trump Dictator,” you are bombarded with a host of furious left-wing articles accusing the 45th president of having totalitarian designs.  And the articles aren’t from obscure publications; no, they are the offerings of mainstream outlets: 

  • Politico discussed how “Donald dreams of dictators.”
  • USA Today – the same outlet that disgraced itself trying to shame Heisman Trophy winner Kyler Murray for tweets from when he was 15 years old – complained how, “Donald Trump has always loved authoritarians, but we didn’t listen.”
  • The Washington Post indignantly pouted about, “Trump’s affinity for dictators over democrats.”

The implication is clear if not explicit: dictators are bad, Trump likes them, therefore Trump is bad and should be condemned.  It’s not that I, or anyone with a brain, would disagree with the conclusion that dictators are bad.  It’s not even that we would oppose any effort to warn about totalitarian inclinations of those invested with significant power over our lives as Americans. 

What’s hard to swallow from these articles is the reality that when the left isn’t using totalitarianism to condemn Trump, they are sidling up to it themselves.  Why condemn Trump for having diplomatic conversations with dictators when applauding and championing entertainers and elites who normalize them? 

For instance, where is the outrage from these publications that country singer Tim McGraw, a man who adores Barack Obama and left-wing politics, is promoting an upcoming concert tour…in totalitarian Cuba?  Enticing fans to “Walk in the footsteps of Hemingway and Obama!” we are all apparently supposed to forget what that means.  Hemingway wrote effusive praise about Fidel Castro’s murderous butchery, allegedly even being privy to observe Castro and Che Guevara’s firing squads.  Sick. 

McGraw’s concert extravaganza is dubbed, “One of Those Havana Nights.”  This would undoubtedly reference the Havana Nights of fantasy, legend, and Hollywood, not the Havana Nights of Castro slaughtering dissidents.  And before anyone embarrasses themselves by suggesting that the Castro days are over in Cuba, realize that Alejandro Castro is fully the man behind the curtain in all operations of Cuba’s government.  That would be dictator Raul Castro’s son.  The KGB-trained Colonel in Cuba’s murderous and terrorizing Secret Police Alejandro Castro.  The fanatical Stalinist Alejandro Castro.

So here’s a tip for the left – if you want to credibly condemn President Trump for having some secret adoration of dictatorial regimes, you’ll probably need to stop romanticizing them yourselves.

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