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Wednesday, December 19 2018

Ask any elementary or pre-school aged child what is in a pregnant woman’s belly and the answer is guaranteed: “a baby.”  What else would it be, after all?

Ask any college-educated, Planned Parenthood supporting adult what is in a pregnant woman’s belly and the answer will vary.  In moments of debate or defense of their assertion that they have ownership over other human beings, you may hear something like “clump of cells,” “mass of tissue,” or even “potential life.”  But in the surprisingly unguarded moments, you’ll still hear the truth: “a baby.”

National Review and the Daily Wire recently drew attention to a little-noticed animated sex-ed video released by abortion giant Planned Parenthood last November.  The video intends to instruct parents on how to answer the curiosity of children who ask where babies come from. 

In the three-minute “answer,” Planned Parenthood doesn’t once refer to the unborn baby as a “fetus,” a “clump of cells,” or anything except what it is.  Consistently and without fail the narrator dubs the unborn life, “a baby,” all while omitting the uncomfortable reality that the same company producing the video excels at killing those babies.

Remarkably, that’s not all.  The Planned Parenthood video actually makes the case that life begins where we all know it begins, at the only place it scientifically makes sense to even say it begins…at conception:

“If they ask, ‘How does the baby get in the belly’ you can say something like, ‘Most women have tiny eggs in a special part of their belly,” says the narrator. “Most men have very tiny seeds, called sperm. If sperm and egg meet they can grow into a baby.’”

Of course they do.  A “baby” is the colloquial term we use to describe a human being at an early stage of its development.  A zygote, an embryo, a fetus – these terms have never scientifically referred to anything but a baby.  They are terms we use to describe human beings at the earliest stages of life, just as the terms adolescent and adult refer to human beings at the middle stages of life, and the terms senior and elderly refer to human beings at the latest stages of life.

At some point the public is going to demand intellectual honesty and an end to the charade that facilitates the unholy slaughter of millions of babies.  The only depressing question is how many babies must die until we do.

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