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Sunday, December 16 2018

Kevin Hart can’t host the Oscars because he wrote tweets eight years ago that poked fun at homosexuality.  But Lin-Manuel Miranda is on Fallon this week, has done comedy bits at the Oscars, has received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and is a highly-celebrated co-star in the upcoming Disney flick, “Mary Poppins Returns,” all after tearfully celebrating the release of terrorist Oscar Lopez Rivera and personally escorting the murderer to a performance of “Hamilton.”

Someone is going to have to explain that to me.

Five years ago Rolling Stone magazine was in well-deserved hot water for running a cover story of Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev that seemed to portray the killer as a Rockstar more than a terrorist.  Tsarnaev’s bomb killed three people.

Yet just over a year ago, Miranda tweeted this when President Obama granted no-strings-attached clemency to Rivera:

“Sobbing with gratitude here in London. OSCAR LOPEZ RIVERA IS COMING HOME. THANK YOU, @POTUS.”

You know who wasn’t coming home?  Rivera’s innocent victims who died eating at the historic Fraunce’s Tavern in 1975.  Here’s what happened:

“The duffel [bag], which carried a bomb consisting of roughly ten sticks of dynamite and a propane tank, detonated at 1:22 p.m. The immense explosion collapsed the staircase and blew a hole in the floor seven feet wide. Windows and plate-glass doors shattered in buildings up and down Broad Street; a truck parked outside was wrecked, tossed on its side. The thin wall to the Bissell dining room evaporated. Sitting behind it, Frank Connor and Alex Berger were killed instantly; Jim Gezork would die on the operating table. All around, bodies were thrown into the air, people somersaulting through a blizzard of deadly flying glass. Knives and forks zinged through the restaurant like angry bees, impaling a number of diners; doctors would later remove cutlery from a dozen or more patients. More than forty people were badly injured in the Bissell dining room alone. The force of the explosion erupted upward as well, sending a single floor nail firing through the ceiling like a bullet, where it tore through the bottom of a chair and ripped into the body of a sixty-six-year-old banker named Harold Sherburne, killing him.”

I’ve personally felt for quite awhile that Miranda is tremendously over-exposed and over-celebrated as a performer.  But leaving those personal feelings aside, is it unreasonable to say that he deserves to be questioned about his allegiance to a murderous thug like Rivera?  If the Oscars give an ultimatum to Hart, shouldn’t they have given one to Miranda?  If Disney cut ties with Rosanne Barr, shouldn’t they cut ties with Miranda?

What does Miranda himself have to say to the families of Connor, Berger, Gezork, and Sherburne? 

Would Miranda support Rivera if he revived his terror activities and began killing more innocent people? 

What do those reporters, media types, and left-wing elites who retreat to their fainting couches with every new politically incorrect outrage that surfaces have to say about Miranda’s effusive adoration of a terrorist? 

How does Disney plan on explaining their financial investment and promotion of a terror-supporting actor?

You can like the play “Hamilton” and recognize that Lin-Manuel Miranda shouldn’t get a free pass for showering praise and gifts on a convicted terrorist and murderer.

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