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Thursday, December 13 2018

I spend a lot of time in the pulpit. So I suppose that I more than most should find offense in the recent complaint by Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez that too many people get their information from what they hear in, “the pulpit on Sunday.” But I wasn’t offended when the Democrats booed their party for re-inserting the word “God” back into their platform in 2012. I wasn’t offended when that same group booed the opening prayer of their convention in 2016. I wasn’t offended when Barack Obama mocked those who cling to their religion. So when I learned of Perez’s comments, I admit to finding them par for the course. In fact, I see them as more curious than anything.

Perez was speaking at a summit sponsored by some outfit called “Demand Justice” on the topic of what progressives can do with the courts after Kavanaugh’s appointment. Blaming this judicial crisis on the church, Perez thundered,

“It should come as a surprise to no one that that person has elevated the issue of courts to the top because that person on the pulpit is saying, ‘Ignore everything else that this person has done and is doing, we have to focus on one issue of Roe v Wade.’”

Now, anyone who doesn’t understand why every preacher worth his salt is going to vehemently oppose and prophetically warn against the killing of innocent babies for convenience, just doesn’t get it. But the flip side of that is the stunning reality of what Democrats are willing to give up simply because of their unflinching commitment to abortion.

Perez talked passionately about how to “overcome” the disadvantage the left has when taking on the pulpit. But never once did he posit the idea that perhaps the most logical thing to do in taking away Donald Trump’s support would be to get on the right side of God when it comes to dismembering children.

If his premise is true, after all, that Trump wins simply because preachers warn their congregations that Godly morality forbids support for Democrats who believe in permissible child killing, then it would seem logical to ask if Democrats should keep believing in that. But that’s not the direction Perez or anyone in the Democrat Party even considers taking. It’s all about how to counterbalance the preachers, silence the preachers, discredit the preachers, or overwhelm the preachers.

Consider how many people vote for Republican candidates not because they are loyal Republicans, but because they can’t in good conscience vote to support or evil abide blatant evil. Think about how different electoral politics might be if there wasn’t a “pro-life” party versus an “abortion” party. Think about how fractured the Republicans might become if those single-issue Christian voters were courted equally by both Democrats and Republicans.

But Tom and his ilk don’t think about that. The scalding, beheading, dismembering, and burning of tiny human beings has unquestioned support in the Democrat party of Tom Perez. It’s a non-negotiable. That's just bizarre, and it's sad he doesn’t seem to realize that changing that simple fact would change everything for this Democrat dilemma.

I would humbly submit to him that he wouldn’t need to stress about how to overcome the voices of preachers preaching against evil if his party would just stop promoting it.

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