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VIDEO FEATURE: Heck Debates Malcolm on Porn & Santorum 

The Liberty Tree has a select group of contributing authors.  However, we welcome outside submissions from readers and writers. 

What to Write About

The Liberty Tree is a blog, and therefore typically covers breaking news. We prefer to add analysis, links to related stories, and other original commentary that is insightful on news items or recently published material.  If you are submitting, please keep quoted material to a minimum (under 200 words).  It is necessary to respect the intellectual property of others. 


We deal in facts.  Writers should cite, authenticate and then corroborate (when possible) all facts in their submissions. Wikipedia is not a trustworthy source.  Most bloggers are not definitive sources.  Do not write speculatively about factual information.  Avoid estimations and approximations unless you possess expert knowledge.


All quotes should be hyperlinked to their source.  Hyperlinks in MS Word are easy to insert: simply click to highlight the word you want to hyperlink, right-click and select "hyperlink," and enter the web address (or paste it) into the box labeled "address."
How to Submit

Submissions should be made as a Microsoft Word document.  Use Times New Roman for your main text with any block quotations in Verdana font.  As a general rule, avoid bold or underlined text, and use italics for the titles of publications only.


Please leave all text in your submission flush left with no indentations.  Do not indent block quotes either.  Simply use the Verdana fault as instructed above and the blog administrator will handle the indentation.


Pictures, charts, and other visual enhancements are good to include in your submission provided that they: (a) fit your topic, (b) are either non-copyrighted or come with permission of the owner, (c) are discernable at blog-appropriate size (not over 300 pixels wide).


The key to any blog submission is to make it timely.  Once received, the blog administrator and editor will make a determination on your submission.


To send us your original work, send an e-mail with SUBMISSION (in all caps) in the subject line to 

click between 3-5 pm ET