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VIDEO FEATURE: Heck Debates Malcolm on Porn & Santorum 

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Monday, April 11 2011

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I was truly away from the world for the last week, so it wasn't until my family stopped at a McDonalds in Columbus, GA and my two cheeseburger meal was interrupted by Don Lemon on CNN telling me about President Obama hailing the "budget compromise" that I even knew about it.


I'm still yet to really dig in and get the details, but I can tell you I'm immediately skeptical.  And here's why: the Democrats have shown for decades (and the Republicans have been complicit) no interest whatsoever in making the tough cuts necessary to save our Republic from its impending fiscal collapse.  No interest.


Every time you hear a spokesman for the left tell us that the only money problem we have is too much concentration of wealth in the hands of a few, and that the solution is simply to find government policies that will redistribute that wealth, you can know that the speaker is interested only in political power, not saving the country.


Take Michael Moore, who recently told an ignorant but cheering crowd of public union employees in Wisconsin that, "Our country is not broke."  Moore read from his prepared text that our country was awash in wealth and cash, but that the problem was it was only in the hands of bankers and the wealthy.


This is the line you hear parroted from Democrats around the country.  Preying upon our base instincts of jealousy and envy, they strengthen the prospects of their short-term political success by distracting us with promises to line our pockets with someone else's money.


That why this video is so incredibly important to spread and share.  In it, Bill Whittle examines the truth about how long we could actually "live" off the rich.  It will astound you.  Taking information and analysis from the statistical genius of Iowahawk, Whittle exposes the following:


Take every penny from the wealthiest 500 corporations in America (Big Oil, Big Walmart, Big All-of-Em)...and that pays for our government through February 9th.


Take every penny from all the wealthy sports stars (NFL, NBA, NHL, Major League Baseball, PGA, NASCAR...all of em)...and that will pay for our government for another day (February 10).


Take every penny from families making over $250,000 a year (remember, that's the line President Obama has decided makes you unworthy of your money)...and that pays for another 141 days of our government budget (July 2).


Take every penny from Hollywood property by evicting them from their homes and selling them at market value...and that pays up to August 4.


Kill every billionaire in the country (and let's throw in the almost billionaires too), take every penny they have in their bank accounts...and that pays for the Obama government through Christmas.


Now, defund both wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and let's cancel all foreign aid...and that pays us up until December 30th with one more day to go.


At this point, we've drained every penny from the wealthy, so we're going to have to ask everyone else to chip in $40 per person.  That covers us through the end of the year.


See how easy it is!  Michael Moore and the left are right!  If we just took all the money from the rich, we could fund all of our wonderful government programs for a whole year!  Of course, the problem then becomes that January 1st is here again and we've got another year to pay for in front of us.


But having taken every penny from "the wealthy" to barely pay for just one year, what do we do then?  Keep in mind that the vast majority of Americans will have lost their jobs given that we decimated those "fat cat" companies who just so happen to also be our country's largest employers.



This is the short-sightedness of the liberal left's class warfare.  They guarantee their political success by promising you goodies from someone else's pockets.  But we've followed their prescription for so long now that we're at a crisis point.  Our budget is unsustainable.  Pretending otherwise is beyond foolish - it's economic suicide.


Margaret Thatcher always said the problem with socialism is that you run out of other people's money.  Michael Moore and the Democrat Party keeps preaching it anyway.  Whether our country survives, depends entirely upon whether we have enough Americans remaining to see beyond their temporal selfishness, reject these prophets of Marxism, and demand the sacrifices necessary to right our ship of state.

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