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Wednesday, January 26 2011

The revelations of Abortionist Kermit Gosnell's murder horror show in Philadelphia has been - to say the least - an horrific blight for the "pro-choice" crowd.  They are being forced, once again, to attempt to accomplish the impossible: defend an indefensible practice of child killing.


Their best efforts are embarrassing.  Consider abortion defender Michelle Goldberg, writing at the Daily Beast:

"[T]he difference between this gruesome killing machine and a ?safe' clinic is aesthetics, really," wrote Lori Ziganto in "There is no denying the horror of what was found in this ?doctor's' office. But it happens in every abortion clinic across the land."


She's completely wrong. Gosnell's clinic was in no way representative of most abortion facilities, which is why the country's largest organization of abortion providers, the National Abortion Federation, refused him membership and testified against him to the grand jury.

But of course Ziganto is not completely wrong.  Whether other abortion clinics do a better job cleaning up the blood and a tidier job of disposing of mutilated body parts, they still perpetuate the same horrific practice of child murder.


That was Ziganto's point, and one that will bring down the entire abortion complex once Americans find the moral courage to acknowledge it.  It is unsurprising that Goldberg chose to ignore this point, beautifully articulated by Lori Ziganto:

Sticking a scalpel in a baby's neck in utero has the same result as sticking it in the neck with scissors outside the womb: Death.


In this case, people can visualize the actual babies, as they were horrifically kept in jars and bottles. In "safe" clinics, they are hidden away in haz-mat disposals or chopped up into tiny pieces before being sucked out of their mother's womb and disposed of like trash. Hidden away, allowing people to blind themselves to what is actually happening. It is easier to remain blissfully ignorant and ignore the fact that a baby is a baby, in utero or out.

In other words, what was most offensive to Americans' sensibilities wasn't the dirty and filthy state of the clinic.  It was the horrific practice that was going on amidst all that grime.  And that horrific practice is occurring in Planned Parenthood and other "spotless" clinics around the country.


Professor Calvin Freiburger sums it up this way:

The "blood on the floor," the "stench of urine fill[ing] the air," the "cat feces on the stairs," and the "[s]emi-conscious women" waiting "on dirty recliners covered with blood-stained blankets" may be unique horrors, but the other things that make Gosnell's death den seem worse than a "nice, clean" abortion clinic are morally insignificant. If you're stabbing a baby's spinal cord, it doesn't matter where the baby's body is located. It doesn't matter how you store or dispose of the remains. You still killed a child.

That's what Americans should find most appalling.  Because it is.  It is child-killing and it must be stopped today.

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