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Tuesday, December 28 2010

About a year and a half ago I called the radio show to offer two dark horse candidates to watch for as potential GOP candidates in 2012.  The first candidate was Sarah Palin.  The fact that she might run wasn't exactly a surprise, but at the time she was still governor and her political future was up in the air after her failed Presidential ticket of 2008.  She has her share of negatives (merited and unmerited) that drops her into long shot status, and thus a dark horse candidate. 


The second candidate I mentioned was a lesser known senator from South Dakota, John Thune. 

While it's clear that Sarah Palin remains a potential candidate to toss her name into the hat for a Presidential run, John Thune is one that is on very few radars.  John Thune has the qualities that would make him a very, very dangerous candidate.  He is physically impressive (think John F. Kennedy).  He is well respected.  He is a strong conservative (which appeals to the base) while maintaining a civility about him that maintains dialogue with political opponents (which appeals to moderates).  He has a track record of winning elections with major political ramifications.  Some of you may remember him as the one who defeated former Senate majority leader Tom Daschle. 


Thune is certainly a figure to watch.  While it is yet to be seen if he will run or not, there is enough speculation to merit monitoring.  If Thune decides to run, challengers better take note.

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