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Monday, December 27 2010

Do you remember during the Bush years how liberals bristled and puffed at the suggestion that they were unpatriotic for opposing the war?  Cue Hillary Clinton.  It became a mantra of the left that the right was smearing them as unpatriotic.  This fed into their template: conservatives are hate-filled, mean-spirited individuals who engage in the "politics of personal destruction".  It also was a cheap way to score sympathy and political points among voters. 


Several years ago I proposed a challenge for any individual to find a prominent Republican political figure who ever accused Democrats generally or specifically of being unpatriotic.  As of yet I have still not been given a single example.  If anything, this has demonstrated a nasty projection on the part of those on the left.  Here are but a few examples of what I'm talking about:


Here's Nancy Pelosi calling Republicans un-American for opposing Obamacare, and unpatriotic in 2006 for (try not to laugh) spending too much.  Here's Joe Biden calling opposition to higher taxes unpatriotic.  Here's Harry Reid calling Rush Limbaugh unpatriotic for comments about Jack Murtha. 


So what's the latest thing Republicans are unpatriotic for?  According to Atlanta Journal Constitution writer, Cynthia Tucker, Republicans are unpatriotic for opposing START.  So by opposing a treaty that would both reduce our nuclear arsenal and not provide provisions for us to modernize the remaining arms, Republicans are deemed unpatriotic.  I'm curious how it happens that moving to strengthen our national defense is unpatriotic while movement that would leave us more vulnerable is a sign of true patriotism.  Sigh.  Leave it to the left to be case-in-point examples of their own projection.

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