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Wednesday, December 22 2010

From Monday's edition of Hardball:

Now to tonight's Big Number.


In a new Gallup poll, 40 percent of Americans say they believe in strict creationism, that humans were created by God within the last 10,000 years, as in the Bible.


Well, how do you explain all those dinosaur bones, I ask? How do you explain your oldest living relative, our oldest living relative? Don't you love Lucy?! No surprise, that number is higher among Republicans, by the way. How high? Fifty-two percent!


A majority of Republicans, more than half the Republicans reject the science behind evolution. Fifty-two percent, tonight's Big Number.


Think about that one during the [2012 presidential] primaries.


Sure, think about it in the primaries.  Think about it in the Democratic Party primaries as well, given that according to Gallup, 34% of Democrats and independents believe in Creationism as well.


On a side note, we could point out Matthews' idiotic pronouncement that Lucy is the "oldest living relative" of humanity.  Living, Chris?  She's living?  And even if he meant "surviving" or "fossilized," that isn't true either.  That distinction has belonged to an ape-fossil named Ardi since 1994.


But pointing that out is kind of pointless, isn't it?  What kind of critical thinking can we expect from someone who believes that he shares the same great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandpappy with an oak tree?


So spare us the intellectual condescension, Chris.

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