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Tuesday, December 21 2010

After further review, I'm finding myself agreeing with Ed Schultz on this one.  Tea Partiers should be pretty ticked in in, "You honestly just betrayed me before you all even took office"...with the Republican Party's overwhelming decision to support Obama's tax rate compromise.


National Review's Andrew McCarthy writes it up this way:

?If we've learned anything over the last two years, it's that we cannot spend our way to prosperity." That's what Republican lawmakers proclaimed in their "Pledge to America," the campaign document spelling out their agenda in the 2010 midterm election. They won a historic electoral victory, an endorsement from Americans who trusted them to act on the message: Stop spending money we don't have, that we have to borrow from China, and that our children and their children will have to pay back. And before their new House majority has even been sworn in, Republicans have decided to give spending our way back to prosperity one more try.


In the process, they've increased the chance that the most free-spending, anti-prosperity president in American history will be reelected come 2012.



Had I taken the Republican pledge seriously (I didn't), I'd be crushed. "Crushing," by the way, is the word the pledge used to describe the national debt. That was before GOP lawmakers voted in overwhelming numbers (37 out of 42 in the Senate, 138 out of 174 in the House) to add about $858 billion to it on Thursday.


So much for the pledge's inveighing against "trillion-dollar ?stimulus' spending." Republicans have added hundreds of billions of dollars to the national debt ? a debt that is already $14 trillion even by Washington math and closer to $130 trillion if we apply the math Washington imposes on everyone else.

McCarthy goes on to lay intellectual waste to the nonsense excuses many Republicans are making right now about why they did what they did.


And it is true that the TEA Party moniker is Taxed Enough Already...and this plan does hold the Democrats' proposed tax hikes down for now.


But how reassured can true fiscal conservatives and common sense Americans who have been shouting at the top of their lungs for two years (at least) now about the government spending our grandchildren into debt be?  If Republicans can't find the backbone to resist increased government spending in this environment...they never will.


McCarthy writes it up this way:

Instead, Republicans have helped Obama take on the veneer of a centrist as he makes a big down payment on his reelection campaign, secure in the knowledge that his prospects have improved and that, if he wins, next time there will be no need to compromise. In the process, the new Republican leadership has harpooned the party's fiscal-responsibility credentials before the reinforcements ? who won by running on fiscal responsibility ? could arrive and make their mark in the new Congress.


One more snippet from the pledge: "If our economy remains debt-driven, it will not be in a position to support a lasting economic recovery. Unfortunately, Washington Democrats refuse to listen to the American people and eliminate, restrain, or even budget for their out-of-control spending spree."


It ain't just Washington Democrats.

He's right.  Which means, Ed Schultz is right.  Tea Partiers should be ticked off right now.  Republicans don't seem to have gotten the message.  Remember that when those who voted for this mess come looking for re-election next time around


Important notice: this is clearly not a suggestion to vote for Democrats...if Republicans have failed us by not standing up to Democrats' spending, voting for Democrats would obviously not solve the problem.  It means we need to keep chucking the Republicans who don't get it.  And clearly, there are still plenty left around.

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Which means that the Republican primaries are critical - perhaps more so than the general elections. The RINOs must be replaced by tea party Republicans, not by Democrats. And then the tea party needs to be ready for any who try the Murkowski maneuver.
Posted by Down with Liberalism on 12/21/2010 13:14:03

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