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Tuesday, December 21 2010

Instructive.  That's the only word to use when things like this occur.  This Week host Christiane Amanpour was on Good Morning America, discussing what host Dan Harris called the "big tax cut law" that doesn't cut taxes, and shared this little jewel:

Well, it's certainly been a busy and an active lame duck session. Obviously, the tax cut law, everybody was watching. It had to be done before the end of the year. And certainly a President doing that and being responsible for giveaways - in other words, tax breaks to people - is going to get the credit. Clearly, of course, the Republicans got what they wanted as well, which was all the tax cuts remaining.

You caught that line, didn't you?  "Giveaways - in other words, tax breaks to people."


That's an astounding line, and one that is so revealing if we take the time to point it out.  Clearly Amanpour is a leftist.  She is so far gone that she can't even maintain the illusion of objectivity on the program she hosts.


And in the mind of the left - as she has articulated here - when you as a citizen get to keep your money.that is a giveaway.  The only way that makes sense is if you believe that the government owns your money to begin with.  You can't give away what isn't yours.  So in order for lower tax rates (which again, this legislation did not bring you) to be a "giveaway," you have to believe it was the government's to give away in the first place.


But it's not.  The conservative - and the correct - view on this is that your money belongs to you.  What this debate was about, was whether or not the government should ramp up its confiscation of people's wealth and property.


As a parting shot, why is it that when the government does "give away" the money they have to do useful things to select citizens in the forms of unemployment benefits (pay people not to work - aka, welfare), subsidies (see the farm bill), or other government projects, those are always termed "investments?"


Such is the statist mind.  Just something to chew on.

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