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Tuesday, December 21 2010

Congressman "Silent Joe" Donnelly cast his vote in favor of the radical left's policy of allowing open homosexuality in the United States military.


It would be nice to hear Joe explain to his constituents how that vote lives up to his promise to do, "what is right for families here in Indiana and across the country."


On his website, Joe Donnelly brags that:

I am determined to make sure that our men and women serving both here and abroad have the tools, training, and leadership they need to protect us here at home and to pursue and defeat our adversaries abroad...An important part of that readiness is maintaining a strong and well-equipped military.

Perhaps someone could ask Joe how voting to allow open homosexuality in the military improves their readiness? 


Perhaps he could explain why he seems to know better than Marine Commandant General James Amos who has said that repealing the policy will cost us Marine lives?


Perhaps someone could ask Joe if he favors allowing women and men to shower together and live in the same barracks.  And if not, how he justifies opposition to such a practice?  Would it be because the sexual tension and aggression such an act would provoke might distract our troops from their primary responsibility?  If so, how does he justify this vote to allow men who practice and prefer homosexuality to shower with and live in the same barracks with men?


Joe Donnelly is either being deceitful or he is remarkably ignorant of basic ethical and moral questions that arise from this policy.  So ignorant, the last place he belongs is in Congress.  So which is it, Joe?  Can you defend this vote?


It is odd that "Silent Joe" Donnelly boasts that he recognizes how:

We face threats everyday from our enemies who are committed to causing harm to Americans at home and overseas and to our allies.

Yet he has no problem voting for a social engineering project designed to put political correctness ahead of national security.  Someone needs to ask Joe about this shameful vote.


I would, but since he knows that he refuses to come on my program.  Our call crusade now stands over 250 straight programs of calling his press secretary's office without even the courtesy of a call back. 


What an embarrassment.

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