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Monday, December 20 2010

Pennsylvania Democrat Representative Jason Altmire had a stroke of genius following the midterm elections:

"This was a monumental defeat. And until we realize as a party that the reason we lost those seats is that the voters were unhappy with the legislation that was passed here, we're not going to be able to move forward to correct it."

Yet the leadership of his party is yet to get that memo.  Choosing Nancy Pelosi to continue leading them was the first sign.  The second?  Not realizing how ironic the end to the Pelosi-led Congress truly is.


After fighting for years against "tax cuts for the rich," and declaring them to be the sole cause of all our national misfortune...after declaring an end to the era of two different America's brought on by the Bush tax cuts...after building an electoral majority on the back of opposition to the favoritism being shown to the wealthy...


After all of that, Nancy Pelosi's final act as Speaker of the House was to push her caucus into accepting the extension of those very tax cuts.  Poetic justice?  Perhaps.  A perfect indication of how out of touch her tenure as Speaker was?  Without question.

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