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Monday, December 20 2010

After my recent comments regarding the left's inexcusable hatred of the rich, I received an interesting, albeit fairly typical response from an angry Dem.  In a nutshell I was accused of lumping all Democrats in together and painting them all with the same brush.


Obviously, as I (and others) have said repeatedly, there are exceptions to every rule.  Generalizations have to be made when you are talking about political movements.  To say that the Democratic Party wants to, and is attempting to move this country leftward does not mean that every person affiliating with the Democratic Party wishes that to be the case.  It simply means what it says - that the Democratic Party as a whole is undeniably pushing the country in a leftward direction.


All of this is common knowledge and fairly elementary thinking.  To illustrate my point, I replied to the author of the email and asked if he, as a Democrat, then disagreed with his party's philosophy of demonizing the rich and drumming up class warfare.  I am yet to hear back.


In other words, "How dare you paint me with that broad brush and say that all of us Democrats agree with the strategy of demonizing the rich!"  Oh, so you don't?  "Well yes, I do...but there might be some who don't!  How dare you!"


The Democratic Party has chosen to take a decidedly left-wing path.  Until they start losing elections consistently and by wide margins, there doesn't appear to be any hope of them turning their ship around in the direction of liberty, personal autonomy, smaller government, constitutional restraint, and traditional moral values.  Therefore, if you believe in those things, you don't vote Democrat.


It's amazing to me that people struggle with that conclusion.  To not come to it is na´ve at best, dumb at worst.


That doesn't mean that every Republican is worthy of your vote.  It simply means that we can now see clearly what we're going to get from electing Democrats: a decidedly left-wing course hostile to our foundations and destructive to our future.  Broad brush?  Yep.  And amazingly accurate.

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