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Friday, December 17 2010

There's a very interesting piece over at Big Peace regarding the possibility of a major unintended consequence of any repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell.  The author, Peter Schweizer, highlights a reality that is being ignored by the Democrats:

The Democratic Party is held hostage by its liberal base and desperately needs to repeal DADT to placate them before the new Congress convenes in January. How else could the Democrats ignore the conclusion of a Pentagon report that indicates that almost 40% of combat Marines (and 25% of combat Army) may leave the armed forces if Congress overturns the don't ask, don't tell policy ? and then only seven days later ? have all of its Senate Democrats (with the one exception of Senator Manchin of West Virginia) vote in support of overturning that policy.


Only a Democratic party so indifferent to reality could ignore a Pentagon report that projects the hollowing out of our military manpower and breaking of our combat arms during a time of war.


In a recent interview on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Hugh Shelton expressed his concern that overturning DADT would "break the infantry elements" of our armed forces.

I am dumbfounded how silent everyone seems to be about this.  Any serious, reasonable, fair debate about this monumental decision would include a discussion about these disturbing survey results.


But this isn't a serious debate.  It's a circus.  And the Democrat left are the ring leaders:

Democrats are trying to have it both ways. They trumpet the results of the Pentagon survey they believe support their position and then question, or call "hypothetical," the accuracy of other parts of the Pentagon survey they would just as soon ignore.

So what could this do to our armed forces?  Schweizer spells it out:

Consider the impact these departures could have on the Marines. As of October 31, 2010, there are 202,779 Marines. If up to 40% of this number decided to leave the Marine Corps in the near term as a result of the Congress overturning DADT, it would mean a loss of 81,111 Marines, many of whom are experienced combat veterans.


The Marine Corps only recruited 28,000 new Marines last year, and thus would be required to almost triple its annual recruitment goal just to stay at its current  strength.


The comparable numbers for the Army are 569,186 as of October 31, 2010. If up to 25% left the service, it would mean a loss of 142,296 Army personnel, in a service that recruited 74,577 last year. The Army would have to double its recruitment goal to stay at current strength.

In a word, this would devastate the readiness and the capabilities of our armed forces.  That liberal Democrats are marching us towards this end with reckless abandon speaks volumes about how much they can be trusted with our national security.


So what might come of all of this?  Any sound, rational mind knows where this leads:

And if the hollowing out of the military begins to manifest itself in earnest after an overturning of DADT, the Democratic Party, and the country, may be faced with only one effective answer to maintain effective numbers of military personnel: the resumption of the military draft.


Coercion is always the answer of a political class that can't admit it's wrong.

Considering the heyday of liberalism was the anti-war movement precipitated by the draft, it all starts to come full circle, doesn't it?

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