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Thursday, December 16 2010

One of the drawbacks of waiting in doctor's offices these days is that they almost all have televisions now showing programs that I would otherwise not be watching. Such was the case today when I had the privilege of being subjected to the Ellen DeGeneres show. As much as I tried, I could not completely ignore the injection of her cultural wreck into my personal environment.


What continues to be confirmed to me from their self-serving displays of pompous behavior is the overall vulgarity of this culture. The entire basis for her humor appears to be sexual references and innuendoes. And her audience roars with gleeful approval. It is nothing but a bacchanalian bunch of hypothetical adults demanding that the costs of the consequences of their choices be born by someone else. They glamorize all forms of sexual deviance and decadence, and then wander in ignorance as they wonder why so many in contemporary society are impoverished.


They are impoverished because too many of us are forced to pay for their debauchery. Children who should have been born into families built upon the commitment of a husband and wife are instead brought into "alternative lifestyles" that typically erode into a single struggling parent. Men who have a hard time making their paycheck stretch to cover the needs of one family are [rightfully] saddled with child support payments to children in one or multiple other families.


But in the land of left-believe, none of this exists as the real-life consequence to unabated sexual immorality. In their world, especially in the liberal subset known as entertainment, they can afford to pay others to deal with it. In the real world, though, the carnage left behind from their debauchery is sadly real. Not the least of which is their complicity in the modern form of slavery known as human trafficking for the sex industry.


Perhaps if all these overpaid "investigative" journalists were more interested in reporting truth rather than defending their made-up political correctness rules, we would get somewhere once again as a rational, moral society. Sadly, history demonstrates repeatedly that some things require a crisis before they can be repaired.

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