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Thursday, December 16 2010

Tim Slagle has written a pretty compelling indictment of the left's war on free speech.  In it, he highlights an unbelievable revelation that is now coming out:

We've grown accustomed to hearing about people using police to rectify situations that used to be done with simple human interaction. So we shouldn't be surprised, when a daughter of America's most prominent conservative advances to the finals of a dance contest and some people petition the government for a redress of jitterbug. Though no action was taken by the government, according to a Smoking Gun article there were numerous emails and letters sent to the Federal Communications Commission regarding the move of Bristol into the final round of Dancing With The Stars.


This is amazing.  As Slagle points out, this is on par with people who call 911 because McDonald's has run out of McNuggets.  So why would they do this?  Slagle explains:

There have been numerous calls for the FCC to suspend the licenses of Rush Limbaugh and Fox News, two entities that do not require FCC licenses. The Party who thinks requiring proof of US citizenship in order to vote qualifies as a constitutional violation wants FCC licenses for Americans exercising their First Amendment rights.


Ultimately, what people are complaining about is democracy in its truest form. Rush Limbaugh is on the radio because 21 million people tune in every week. Fox News leads all other cable news channels by a margin wide enough for Michael Moore to slip through (while giving Kirstie Alley a piggyback ride). Bristol might have not been the best dancer, but more people wanted to see her in the final round than Brandy.


We all know it isn't always the most talented who succeed. There are comics funnier than Dane Cook and better singers than Katy Perry. Yet both are at the top of their profession because they posses a couple assets that make them irresistible to the public (a similar argument might be made for the 2008 election).


For all the talk about the Right Wing being full of fascists, you never really hear the Right trying to censor the Left. If the FCC were inundated with letters every time a left-wing cause was advanced on network TV, one episode of The West Wing would have made FCC desks look like the final courtroom scene in Miracle on 34th Street.

And don't use the NPR argument.  Conservatives oppose NPR being funded with taxpayer dollars.not with the expression of opinion that takes place on those channels.  Conservatives are fine with the free exchange of ideas in the marketplace because we are confident our ideas are better.

What does it say about the confidence liberals have in their own beliefs that they so willingly want to drive all competing ideas from the table?

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