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Thursday, December 16 2010

If you're wanting an indication of why the vast majority of Americans don't trust the mainstream media anymore, here's a perfect example.


Appearing on MSNBC's program Morning Joe, the editors (or in one case former editor) of two major left-leaning, but mainstream mags (Mark Halperin of Time and Jon Meacham of Newsweek) explained that the most ideologically driven president of our time is no liberal ideologue at all.


Oh yes, they did:

JON MEACHAM: I think that, I continue to believe--and people don't agree with this--this was never an ideological White House.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Oh you're wrong.

MEACHAM: It just wasn't.  These was not, this were not.

SCARBOROUGH: So what was it?  Because they were the most progressive --

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: They were goal-oriented.

SCARBOROUGH: Despite what [left-wing] bloggers write, they were the most progressive administration since LBJ.

MEACHAM: Within the constraints that we've talked about, which is that the country is essentially center-right, yes they were progressive, but in context.  And I continue to believe that there was a very successful job on the part of the conservative opposition to cast the president as more radical than he was.

SCARBOROUGH: The president I believe is deeply, deeply ideological . . . But that's fascinating: you look at everything the president did over the last two years and you don't think he's ideological.

MEACHAM: I don't think he's a doctrinaire liberal.  I just don't.

When Joe later turned to Halperin, he got a similarly stunning answer.

SCARBOROUGH: You don't think he's ideological either?


Simply astounding.  Meacham actually reveals the reason these men come to such a hair-brained conclusion in the course of his explanation.  It's the same principle as my beef earlier this year with liberal IUK professor Earl Wysong who corrected a student's paper to declare that Nancy Pelosi was a moderate:


Liberal progressives want to skew the political spectrum so that what is left is center.  That makes what is really centrist become right leaning.  And what is right becomes radical wingnut stuff.  It's an agenda to redefine American politics by popularly redefining the political spectrum.


Frankly, I find it a fatally flawed strategy because it merely makes those articulating it look silly.  For evidence, see above.

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