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Wednesday, December 15 2010

One of my favorite columnists, Mona Charen, has explored what she perceives to be an emerging delusional state on the left.  My first reaction is to question how she can consider it "emerging."  The left's suffering from BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome) and its uglier cousin PDS (Palin Derangement Syndrome) has become common knowledge.

But Charen isn't moved by the delusion of the left that leads them to attack conservatives.  She's amazed that it is so pronounced it is causing them to attack the most liberal progressive president we have had in over a generation.


After commenting on the outright hostility and bitter anger many liberals are expressing towards President Obama for cutting a "deal" with Republicans, Charen concludes that the left sees the mere extension of our current tax structure as politically and morally wrong.  She thoroughly harpoons both of those ideas:

On the politics, it's hard to see how they reach this conclusion. Speaker Pelosi could have scheduled a vote on extending the Bush tax cuts before the election. That she declined is evidence that a significant number of Democrats feared that a vote to raise taxes on anyone ? even just "the rich" ? might not serve them well back home. Have the angry Democrats who are convinced that this compromise was political poison looked at polls? According to an ABC News/Washington Post poll, 69 percent of Americans support the compromise package.




As for the moral argument ? that the undeserving rich should be separated from their obscene profits ? well, it isn't moral at all. It isn't motivated by concern for the poor or even for the middle class, because increasing taxes on the rich only decreases their ability to hire the needy... Though it drives Democrats crazy, most Americans seem to have a visceral sense that people are entitled to reap the benefits of their successes, and that fairness requires ensuring equal opportunity, not equal results. And if removing the uncertainty about tax increases boosts the economy's recovery, the primary beneficiaries will not be the rich, but the currently unemployed.

They may be delusional, as Charen suggests, but at least give them this: they are consistent.  That's more than can be said for the likes of Barack Obama.  After spending years telling us that the "Bush tax cuts for the wealthy" were the cause of all of our economic problems, Obama is now in the position of fighting for extending the "Bush tax cuts for the wealthy" so that the middle class can help revive the economy.


Somebody's not being honest.  It's enough to make even your biggest fans.well, delusional.

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