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Tuesday, December 14 2010

As we've documented numerous times here at The Liberty Tree, to their eternal shame, liberals have destroyed the seriousness of racism in the United States.  By consistently using this appalling mindset as merely a buzzword to smear political opponents, they have rendered the term meaningless.


From time to time, examples of their shameful game is so obvious, it deserves special recognition.  Such is the case with the left's standard bearer, MSNBC's resident cantankerous drama queen Keith Olbermann.


Brad Wilmouth highlighted Olbermann's recent disgust with Obama's recent compromise on the tax rates:

On Thursday's show, reeling from disappointment that President Obama compromised with Republicans to prevent tax increases, Olbermann celebrated a former Hillary Clinton supporter as a "Nostradamus" because, during the 2008 presidential campaign, he gave a speech warning that President Obama would not fight hard enough against Republicans.


But the clip shown also included this Clinton supporter - Tom Buffenbarger of the machinists union - accusing Obama of having his "nose in the air." Buffenbarger also called the then-Senator's supporters "latte-drinking, Prius-driving, Birkenstock-wearing, trust fund babies"

Bolstering his frustration by hailing a "Nostradomus" Democrat who commented on Obama's arrogance.  That's interesting.  Because it wasn't that long ago that Olbermann told us conservative Republicans who criticized Obama's arrogance were only doing that because they were flaming racists:

Last January, when a number of white conservatives used words like "arrogant" and "cocky" to refer to President Obama's State of the Union speech, MSNBC host Keith Olbermann asserted that they really meant Obama was an "uppity" black man: "When racist white guys get together and they don't want to be caught using any of the popular epithets in use every day in this country about black people - and there's a chance one of them, or worse still a white guy who doesn't get it might wander in and hear the conversation, when there's a risk even in saying ?uppity' or ?forgetting his place,' the racist white guys revert to euphemisms and code words. And among the code words that they think they're getting away with are ?cocky,' ?flippant,' ?punk,' and especially ?arrogant.'"

It's the sad story of the left: unable to compete on the playing field of ideas, they're content to hurl abominable accusations at their opponents.even when they don't believe the assertion themselves.

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