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Wednesday, December 08 2010

I have always been a pretty big Disney fan.  Some will assert after reading this, I have to change:


Disney movies are aimed at kids. They use children's sense of powerlessness as a key plot device.

Liberals have cultivated that same feeling of powerlessness to the point that it has become an entire narcissistic, victim-centric worldview.


In short, like children attracted to Disney movies, liberals have yet to grow up and accept responsibility for their own existences.


Author Gregory Oatis goes on to list ten ways in which liberals' view of reality mirrors Disney movies.  Some of them are pretty entertaining, enlightening and accurate like:


9) Liberals are powerless; their puny little lives are controlled by big ugly mean monsters or corporations that don't care and want to hurt them.


8) Birds and animals and fish and trees can think and feel and talk.


7) Transportation can be effected with little or no fuel consumption, via vehicles such as broomsticks, magic carpets and pixie dust. Much like the cute little hybrids and electric cars liberals love.


6) There is no God, just an unreasoning faith in some inchoate force you might as well call "The Circle of Life."


So does this mean a conservative must give up Disney?  Hardly!  We should train our children that Disney is fantasy.  Life is much different.  Somewhere along the line, it's apparent liberals didn't get that memo.

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