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VIDEO FEATURE: Heck Debates Malcolm on Porn & Santorum 

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Tuesday, December 07 2010

I stumbled onto a program last Sunday about the extent of sex trafficking in America. I knew some about it since my denomination has ministries nationally and internationally that seek to protect and care for women able to flee sex slavery. Nevertheless, it was sobering to watch the extent to which human trafficking exists in this very nation.


In what I term poetic justice, the bulk of the program centered around San Francisco and the attempts of the mayor there to identify and harass sex trade businesses - typically massage parlors - by enforcing various local business codes.


I submit that there is an element of poetic justice because we all know that San Francisco has become a center for sexual decadence and depravity - exactly the environment in which the sex-slave trade can flourish because it is so difficult to sort out from the "legitimate" sex businesses.


The saddest truth, whether in San Francisco or not, is that this form of slavery exists and persists because so many men indulge in all these forms of commercial sex. As far as they are concerned, the women they deal with do what they do voluntarily. One real consequence of this selfish attitude is the ruined lives of young women and even teens who are pressed into this service. They are held by threat of death to themselves and/or family members. As the documentary demonstrated, the threats are made by seriously dangerous and violent men.


It has become popular over the years for liberals to decry any attempts to contain the spread of sexual immorality. "You cannot legislate morality," has been their rallying cry for too long now. If we do not decide that we can legislate morality - and decide soon - then we can be assured that more of us will be impacted by these gangsters who have no problem whatsoever imposing their immorality by simply pointing their guns.

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