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Tuesday, December 07 2010

A great letter to the editor appeared in our local paper, the Kokomo Tribune, yesterday.  We've taken on the idiocy of the humanist/atheist crowd that makes it their mission ever Christmas season to make fools of themselves.  Letter writer Steven A. Matthews hit on this same theme:

The billboard sign posted in New Jersey at the entrance of the Lincoln Tunnel has a picture of a Christmas Nativity and says, "You know it's a myth. This season celebrates REASON."


A number of well-funded, anti-God, anti-Christian groups have marketing campaigns targeting the conversion of Christians to their atheistic trinity of Father Sun, Mother Earth and Lady Luck. Is a mythical viewpoint of Christmas based on "reason?" The answer is no!


The Advent or coming of the Savior, Jesus Christ, is documented in the New Testament. New Testament expert Daniel Wallace states, "... Simply put, if we reject the authenticity of the New Testament on textual grounds we'd have to reject every ancient work of antiquity." New Testament accounts of Jesus Christ were written by eyewitnesses of his death and physical resurrection. Not only did they witness his resurrection, they died terrible deaths proclaiming this fact, knowing they would suffer. Why would anyone die a terrible death for some fact they absolutely knew to be untrue? The fact is they witnessed his physical resurrection and were no longer afraid of death.


After an evangelistic appeal that is worth reading, Steven pointed out what is truly "reasonable" to do around this holiday season:

I celebrate "reason" at Christmas by celebrating the coming of Jesus Christ, the Creator of the Universe. Those who deny this fact will live in darkness and fear. Those who reason that there is no God are blind fools, as it is written, "The fool has said in his heart there is no God."


If you seek him, you will find him and you can receive this Christmas present free of charge. It is the most important decision in life for all of us. Don't be foolish. Celebrate reason and follow the risen Jesus Christ this Christmas.


Well said, Steven.  Merry Christmas.

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My mission 1. Evidence from infomation science that proves God 2. Explain Who God is 3. Explain What God wants from us 4. Explain how to engage in the purpose God has I am called by Jesus Christ to do evangelism. I am available for NO Charge I also am a rep for Creation Ministries international and want to get 6 local Greentown Churches to support bringing Jonathan Sarfati the world's greatest Creation Science author Greentown can have him next summer There is no charge and freewill offering only but Are you interested in helping with this? Jonathan has stuff that would be great for your radio show as well. So thanks a lot for the kind words Call me at 765-432-8625 if you want.
Posted by Steve Matthews on 12/08/2010 10:28:03

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