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Monday, December 06 2010

Maybe it all comes down to this.  Can someone on the Democrat left explain to me what the magical significance of $250,000 is?  As the New York Times reported,


Mr. Obama's plan, approved by the House on Thursday, would have extended the lower rates on income up to $250,000 a year for couples and $200,000 for individuals, but Democrats did not have the 60 votes required under Senate rules to muscle it forward.


So why $250,000?  What makes a family whose small business makes $1 over that magical number somehow less worthy of being able to keep the money they have worked hard for than the family whose small business makes $1 less than that magical number?


Of course there is no rational answer to this question.  It is inherently unfair.  And that is the point that seems to be dawning on the majority of Americans.  Regardless of the circumstances through which a person came into their's still their money.  And particularly for those who have worked nights and days to achieve that standard of living for their families, it is an outrage that their government would punish them for their efforts by taking more from them.  And do it touting it as "fairness" to boot!


Here's what's fair: tax everyone the same percentage of their income.  Anyone want to honestly disagree or argue that point?  Of course not.


It's time we wrestle this issue out into the open and put it before a fair-minded public.  Maybe we do it by asking Mr. Obama and every Democrat that thinks this way what is so magical about 250,000.  Then, listen for the crickets.


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