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Friday, December 03 2010

This is stunning!  Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has warned those practicing homosexuality that if they don't like the behavior of military personnel who hold traditional moral values, they can find another line of work!  I'm stunned.


Admiral Mullen correctly pointed out that in the military it is based on meritocracy.  In other words, it's about "what you do, not who you are."  Homosexual activists who have been trying to up-end two centuries of military protocol on the type of sexual behavior allowed within their ranks have been warned that if they have a problem with people who believe differently than them, they can go get a job at the GAP.


Oh wait.  No, no that didn't happen at all.  And can you imagine the outrage if it did?  You can hear now the calls from Hollywood and the left-wing commentariat heaping burning coals onto the Admiral: "How dare you be so narrow-minded!  How judgmental!  How bigoted!"


The funny thing is that Admiral Mullen did make these comments.just reversing the target of his bigotry.  And the left - shockingly enough - doesn't find it offensive at all.


Fox News reported:


Military members who have a problem with a change in policy to allow gays to serve openly may find themselves looking for a new job, Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, warned Thursday.


Mullen told a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing that the military is based on meritocracy, "what you do, not who you are." He said if Congress changes the don't ask, don't tell policy then the U.S. military will comply. 



Mullen added that "there is no gray area" in the debate when it comes to standards of conduct in the military.


"We treat each other with respect or we find another place to work. Period," he said.


The irony of these remarks is so thick, you can cut it with a knife.  For instance:


Mullen is right: there has never been any "gray area" when it comes to standards of conduct in the military.  Dating back to General George Washington, those who practice depraved sexual conduct like homosexuality have no place in our fighting ranks.  The military is not a place for social experiments.  But there is "gray area" now thanks to a politically correct carnival that has come to town, of which Admiral Mullen is performing in the center ring.


Mullen is right: they treat each other with respect in the military or find other lines of work.  But Mullen sees no need to respect the millions in our armed forces who have moral objections to homosexuality.


Mullen is right: the military is based on what you do and not who you are.  And one of the things that has never been acceptable "to do" in the military is engage in homosexual behavior.  But now, because Mullen has given his mind over to the sophistry that defines identity by sexual behavioral preferences, he has blurred and confused those lines.


The gravest enemy our military faces is political correctness.  Sad to see the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs has raised the white flag in the face of its onslaught.

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