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Thursday, December 02 2010

Well, well, well, it seems the Democrats' shameless exploitation of suffering children to advance their political agenda is coming back to bite them.


Not only are the Democrats' policies not helping children, they are depriving them of their healthcare.


But wait, you say...we were told ObamaCare would be good for the kids!  Of course we were told that.  Anytime the Democrats push their freedom destroying, dependence creating entitlement programs, they play our heartstrings with images of kids suffering if we don't enact their plans.  But what happens when we do?  Take a look:


Late last month, the Service Employees International Union informed dues-paying members of its behemoth 1199 affiliate in New York that it was dropping its health-care coverage for children. That's right. A radical, leftist union ? not an evil, Republican corporation ? is abandoning the young 'uns to cut costs.

Over 30,000 low-wage families will be affected, according to the Wall Street Journal. Who's to blame? SEIU 1199 benefits manager Mitra Behroozi singled out oppressive new state and federal regulations, including the much-ballyhooed Obamacare rule forcing insurers to cover dependents well into their 20s.


"New federal health-care-reform legislation requires plans with dependent coverage to expand that coverage up to age 26," Behroozi explained in an October 22 letter to members. "Our limited resources are already stretched as far as possible, and meeting this new requirement would be financially impossible."


It's shameful when the enemies of freedom abroad hide behind children as they war against us.  It's similarly shameless when the enemies of freedom here at home hide behind children as they war against free markets.  In both cases, their cowardice causes innocent young children much suffering.


As Michelle Malkin writes,


Yes, the union road to hell is paved with workers' own hard-earned dues money. All hail progressivism!


There's a lot of egg on a lot of union faces right now.  Anyone taking bets on whether they'll man-up and support ObamaCare's repeal?  It's "for the children," after all.

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