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Thursday, December 02 2010

This is a fabulous idea.  From the Indianapolis Tea Party:


We are hosting a 2-day Constitutional Training Seminar for all of Indiana's Congressional members on the state and federal levels.  Former six-term Congressman John Hostettler as President of the newly founded organization Constitution Institute will be teaching the classes. 


Though the seminar will cost the Indianapolis Tea Party and its co-sponsors financially, we are offering the opportunity FREE to our elected officials.  The Constitution is the center of the Tea Party movement.  John Hostettler's experience as a twelve-year Congressman and a member of the Judiciary Committee and its sub-committee on the Constitution gives him the ability to teach practical application of the Constitution from a daily legislative perspective.  This should help empower our electors to be more effective legislators.


This is a non-partisan event and we are still in the process of finalizing communication with the elected officials and securing more sponsors.


It's one thing to say you stand for the Constitution.  It's another to put your money where your mouth is, and the Tea Party of Indianapolis, along with its partner Tea Parties/9-12 Groups are doing just that by funding this seminar.


Educating not just the masses, but those who are elected to lead the masses, on the value and sanctity of our Constitution is critical.  Hats off to these Tea Party patriots for their work, and here's to hoping this is the first of many successful seminars to come. 


And it would be nice to see some Democrats sign up for this training as well.

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