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Wednesday, December 01 2010

I've been saying that the next two years may be even more instructive to the American people than the last two years about the significant differences between the political left and right.


Further evidence has emerged to support that contention:


The No. 2 House Republican is showing little wiggle room on tax cuts going into a critical meeting at the White House with President Barack Obama.


Interviewed on a network news show in advance of Tuesday's talks, House Majority Leader-elect Eric Cantor says the GOP believes tax rates should not be allowed to go up on anyone, including the wealthy.


The Obama administration has opposed continuing tax cuts from the George W. Bush era for individuals making over $250,000 a year. But Cantor said Republicans believe the current rates should be kept intact, particularly at a time when the government is trying to spur private business to create jobs. Cantor said on NBC's "Today" show that Republicans "don't think tax rates should go up."


Cantor is saying this while Obama is saying that "we can't afford" to cut taxes for those making $250,000 a year.  A marked distinction in philosophy here:


Obama believes "we" (meaning the government) "can't afford" (the money belongs to the government to begin with, not the individual) to cut taxes (not raising taxes means "cutting them").


The conservatives like Cantor believe "we" (meaning the people) can't stimulate economic growth by raising taxes (extending the current rates isn't "cutting" any taxes) on anyone.  Further, what is so magical about $250,000?  Why the arbitrary line drawn there?  What makes the person making $249,000 a year more deserving of their money than the person making $250,001?


If America keeps their eyes and ears open these next two years, they will be in for the most instructive lesson on the vision conservatives and liberals have for this country.  And 2012 won't be pretty for the liberals.

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