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Sunday, July 29 2012

TheOldSalt is going to go out on a limb here...

The mass murderer at the Aurora, Colorado, movie theater massacre is not a conservative.

American conservatives do not plan and carry out mass murders. We are too busy working. We are too busy raising families. We value life. We don’t run around with orange hair. Well, maybe some do at ball games. Sports fans can get weirded out sometimes regardless of ideology.

So I am willing to wager that, once again, a murderous maniac is not a conservative.

I am also willing to wager that his entertainment choices include some form of anarchy-spouting punk junk.

I recall the Tucson, Arizona gunman’s profile. Oh, investigative Big Media was all over it with their insinuations that his head was filled with vitriolic [right-wing] talk radio rhetoric. He just had to be a TEA Party member. Dues paying member of the NRA, too, don't ya think? Yep, that was the Big Media profile.

Then the truth began creeping into these investigative, professional journalists’ reveries. Party pooper truth. Turns out that that fellow had a fascination with the group Drowning Pool. He liked playing, in particular, their hit song “Bodies.” Anarchists, yes; conservatives, no.

Something tells me that our Aurora (alleged) gunman has some similar entertainment choices. Bands that wail and rail against wholesome American virtues. Bands that espouse, at least for entertainment purposes, violent anarchy.

Yep, in spite of Big Media’s race to blame decent Americans for creating this monster, I am certain that a different picture will emerge. In fact, isn’t it strange that at least some of his personal choices haven’t been plastered all over Big Media yet? Guess they’re still looking for that TEA Party tie-in.

Whatcha wanna bet?

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