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Saturday, July 28 2012

As anyone could have predicted, there has been a lot of talk about gun control and how we might have prevented the mass murder that occurred inside that  Aurora Colorado movie theater.

You can probably guess my thoughts with this personal observation. Colorado is a concealed carry permit state. Yet, the movie theater in Aurora was a posted "gun free" zone that prohibited guns inside, including those of legal permit holders. Many commentators and talk show hosts are wondering if the carnage might have been less had that been different. Rather, than this “what if” look back,  I'd simply like for someone to ask the theater owner if he would be willing to post signs in front of his home advertising it as a gun free zone. He may have once thought his theaters were safer with those signs. Would he, or anyone else, feel safer if such signs were in their home’s front yard?

Gun control is not an AFA of Indiana issue.  People can disagree with me, and my personal opinion.  However, we should remember that before 1968 anyone could purchase a handgun, rifle or shotgun through the mail by simply sending a check or money order to a company.   Hundreds of thousands of WW2 military arms such as British Webley service revolvers and German semi-automatic Lugers were sold across America for less than $25 via the US mail.

For decades children wore cap guns and cowboy hats, and carried BB guns through small towns everywhere in America. Boy’s Life magazine was littered with ads for Daisy BB guns and Remington .22 rifles.  “Shoot em up” westerns were all the rage in movies and TV from the 1930’s well into the 1960’s.  Some public schools even had shooting ranges in their basements.

Today, there are over 10,000 local, state and federal firearms laws on the books in the US. To be lawful, gun owners have to be extremely careful not to run afoul of these laws. There is a rampant fear of guns in today’s culture. Even the sight of a pocketknife, let alone a cap gun, water gun or BB gun will send a school into instant lockdown mode with police swarming it within minutes.

I am not saying there should not be any gun laws. Yet, what really matters is not what is in a person's hand, it is what is in his heart.

Our country is sick morally, spiritually and culturally. The attention from the Aurora shooting should focus not on the unhinged shooters’ weapons.  It should cause us to do some soul searching about a culture that is in a moral free-fall and seeming to so easily feed the deranged, who then act out things they see in an effort to be famous.

By the way, now that I may have led you down a different path which could skew our results, we do have a new poll on the Aurora shooting and gun laws on our web site:

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