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Friday, March 23 2012

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If you’re looking for the face of fascism, look no further.  The homosexualists over at GLAAD have come out with a new hate list for those who disagree with them, and are using it to try to blacklist them from all media.  If you disagree with them on the issue of homosexuality as completely normal and moral, you are termed a hater who should not be allowed to speak to the issue.  No joke.  Check this out:

The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation has created an enemies list of 36 commentators – including pastors, authors, radio talk-show hosts, pro-family activists and researchers – in an effort to limit the effectiveness of their media outreach.

The list includes Chuck Colson, Joseph Farah, Tony Perkins, Don Wildmon, David Barton, Bill Donohue and Gary Bauer.

The formulation of the list is the work of GLAAD’s “Commentator Accountability Project” that aims to “educate the media about the extreme rhetoric of over three dozen activists who are often given a platform to speak in opposition to LGBT people and the issues that affect their lives.”

“Hate is not an expert opinion,” said GLAAD’s Herndon Graddick. “In most cases, news outlets invite reputable experts to speak on the subject at hand, but when talking about LGBT issues, open hostility and anti-LGBT bias seems to be all the credibility required. This project holds these so-called ‘pundits’ accountable for the extreme anti-LGBT rhetoric they continue to spread.”

You get what’s going on here, right?  GLAAD is trying to use their media allies to totally silence any contrary view on the issue of homosexuality in the culture.  If you don’t share their views, you are a hater who shouldn’t be allowed to be heard.  So much for the marketplace of ideas, so much for free speech.  They simply term those who disagree with them “full of hate,” and then threaten media outlets not to empower or enable the spreading of hate.  It’s Fascism 101.

Joseph Farah, past guest on my radio show and founder of, made an excellent observation about what GLAAD is doing here:

“The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation should more accurately be called the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Criticism,” said Farah. “These people actually believe that if you have a different viewpoint and a different value system from them you are a hate-filled, bigoted monster. Here’s a group that claims in its own name that it is ‘against defamation,’ but actively defames those with whom it has disagreements. Not one example of hateful or defamatory language is offered as evidence against any of those listed in this report.”

That says all we need to know about GLAAD.  They don’t cite any actual examples of defamation or hate, they just make the accusation.  But isn’t labeling someone a hater for no reason beyond the fact that they disagree with you, “defamation?”  Of course it is.  In other words, they commit the very same offense they supposedly condemn, which reveals what this really is: a strategy to bully into silence anyone who doesn’t share their view.

Once again I ask the question, who are the ones who are “cramming their views” down other people’s throats?  Who is bringing the assault and oppressive tactics?  It’s not Christians like those on this “hate list.”  And, by the way, consider all that you have to believe to be included on this list.  If you believe in the authority of Scripture, if you believe in 2000 years of Christian doctrine, you are a “hater” in the eyes of GLAAD.  That’s how radical these people are...and they are the ones who are using the media to control the public perception.

Let’s make this clear: moral disapproval is not hate and it is not defamation.  But seeking laws – from hate speech to speech codes to the Fairness Doctrine – to silence speech you disagree fascism.  And we would all be wise – liberal, conservative, libertarian, whatever – to confront it and reject it.  They are the radicals motivated by hate.

Posted by: Peter Heck AT 06:08 pm   |  Permalink   |  3 Comments  |  Email
I'm not sure I'm following this one at all. How is GLAAD simply putting verbatim quotes and video clips of things that were actually said defamation? Your article here seems to make their point. (BTW, I had never even heard of GLAAD until Kevin McCullough started on his rant about them on his radio show.)
Posted by Mike Little on 03/26/2012 10:26:54
I recommend you go take a look at Jeremy Hooper's response to this article at
Posted by Patriot on 03/26/2012 11:32:34
Well Mike, I think the issue is GLAAD considering criticisms of homosexuality as immoral "defamation." That's the whole point of Pete's post. If you disagree and speak out against the lifestyle you are deemed a "hater" or a "defamer." I'm not sure why you aren't following this other than you don't want to. Pete's point - which is pretty simple to grasp - is that publicly branding someone a hater is defaming their character. Thus, GLAAD is guilty of defaming those who disagree with them.
Posted by Bob S. on 03/27/2012 14:53:58

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