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VIDEO FEATURE: Heck Debates Malcolm on Porn & Santorum 

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Thursday, July 07 2011

For years, Peter has written and talked about how the homosexual lobby was not merely interested in achieving the political objective of "marriage equality."  Rather, the push for gay marriage is nothing more than the latest in a series of steps taken by sexual anarchists seeking a complete removal of all moral expectations and standards for sexual conduct.


That is why you do not hear the homosexual lobby offering any alternative definitions for marriage.  The moment they do, they are guilty of the very kind of "moral judgments" they condemn in Christians.


As has become increasingly obvious - whether it's eHarmony being bullied into opening up a gay site or be fined, Christian photographers being fined for refusing to photograph a gay "ring ceremony," Just Cookies being threatened with eviction from their place of business for not wanting to participate in a gay celebration, etc. - there is an intention conflict being pursued between the homosexual lobby and Christians.


Homosexualists do not want peaceful coexistence with Christians.  They never have, and still don't.  If you listen to their words, they are content to live peacefully with Christians if and only if Christians abandon their beliefs.  What we are seeing is a movement that seeks to destroy the rights of conscience in America.  And it's happening right under our noses.



If there was ever any question about that truth, it is now settled.  Dr. Frank Turek's story is one that will soon become the norm in American society unless we realize what is occurring and stop the anti-Christian bigotry being perpetrated by the homosexualists and their left-wing allies.  They've laid the foundation and now they are making their move.


On Thursday's show, Peter interviewed Dr. Turek about his firing from Cisco Systems.  He was fired because he held Christian beliefs.  This is a warning call that must be heeded. 


Hear the startling full interview here.

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