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Sunday, August 08 2010

A little over a year ago, I wrote a column suggesting that due to the blatant hostility the National Education Association was expressing towards Christians, it was time for Christian teachers to withdraw their membership from the NEA.  As it turns out, the focus of my call to abandon this radically left lobby group was a bit too narrow.  As evidenced by its own website, the NEA is not merely anti-Christian, they are anti-American as well.


How else can you explain the plan that appeared on the NEA's "Diversity Calendar" instructing teachers to make October 1st a special recognition of the Communist revolution in China?  The NEA recommended teachers celebrate how the world's most notorious butcher, Chairman Mao Zedong, proclaimed the "Chinese people have stood up," as he established the regime that would slaughter more innocent human beings than any other in world history.


As incredible as it may seem, such a proposal is completely consistent with other actions of the NEA.  On their page highlighting recommended reading for teachers, the group touts the work of self-proclaimed Satanist (and Obama motivator) Saul Alinsky.  In calling Alinsky, "an inspiration to anyone contemplating action in their community," the NEA encourages those charged with educating our children to immerse themselves in the tactics of progressive community organizing.  They heartily endorse Alinsky's 1971 book, "Rules for Radicals" - a socialist how-to guide for gaining power and redistributing wealth.


As commentator Brannon Howse explains, "The NEA is a group of radicals who are opposed to parental authority, opposed to accountability, and they're not for traditional education...They are for a progressive, liberal, anti-American worldview."  It's why the NEA applauds the work of communists like John Dewey and domestic terrorists like Bill Ayers, all the while publishing guides on how to defeat the "religious right."


Why conscientious, patriotic teachers continue sending their money to these Marxists is beyond comprehension.  As I wrote last year:


"Sure, there are excuses we can use to justify our capitulation and spineless allegiance to causes we know to be wrong.  We can accept the fear-mongering about how we'll all lose our jobs without the NEA.  We can delude ourselves into believing that when we check the box stating our dues can't be used for political purposes that we aren't still contributing to the very executive councils, legal offices, and management that is publicly acknowledging their hatred towards everything we stand for.  We can rationalize that it's impossible anymore to keep from spending our money on things we don't really support.  But we shouldn't do it any longer.  Our consciences shouldn't allow it."


Here's the truth: no teacher has to affiliate themselves with the NEA.  There are two excellent alternative organizations - the Christian Educators Association International and the Association of American Educators - that provide sometimes double the amount of liability coverage to teachers for a fraction of the NEA's price for membership.  They can do this because they, unlike the NEA, aren't using the dues of teachers to lobby for left-wing social and political causes. 


And even in those states where the law requires membership, there are legal alternatives for opting out.  The National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation offers assistance to any such teacher.


Moreover, besides just individuals, there is no reason that local associations should continue affiliating themselves under the leadership of such a backwards organization.  A local association can willfully choose (in most states) to operate independently of the NEA's belligerently left-wing leadership.  And those that do find they operate much more effectively.


The NEA and its state affiliates have proven themselves disinterested in the business of actually improving the quality of education for students.  As the NEA's own summer convention demonstrated, they are preoccupied with using dues dollars to advocate: repeal of all right-to-work laws, federal funding of sexual orientation instruction, federal funding to educate illegal aliens, universal healthcare, and (of course) killing human children in the womb. 


The NEA's support of these positions is not just symbolic.  According to the Center for Responsive Politics and the National Institute on Money in State Politics, the NEA is the top spender in national and state politics, spending four times more than any other donor.  And - surprise, surprise - 95% of that money went to the Democratic Party and leftist ballot initiatives.


Simply put, there is no excuse for any American teacher (Christian or not) who believes in the values and principles of Western civilization to remain associated with the NEA.  They are a culturally Marxist organization that holds a flagrant antipathy towards this country and its traditions. 


Fellow teachers, let's drain them of their dues.

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