Thursday, 31 January 2013


It can’t really come as a surprise to anyone that Republican Senators are caving…on anything.  This time it happens to be immigration.  Even stalwart conservative Senators like Marco Rubio have felt the need to abandon his once strong support for the rule of law in exchange for what he hopes is a political victory that will earn him some good press (he should ask Senator McCain about how long that lasts for a Republican presidential nominee). 

And, as always, the “compromise” that has been reached between so-called conservatives and the liberals who run the Senate with an iron fist is not really a compromise.  It’s a liberal bill that pays lip service only to conservative ideas.  As Mickey Kaus points out:

If you read closely, you learn that illegal immigrants will actually be legalized immediately–given “probationary legal status,” allowing them to “live and work legally in thee United States” (according to Politico). The only thing that’s delayed, pending “stricter border enforcement,” is the opening of a “path to citizenship.” As if, once legalized, the 11 million are going to be unlegalized if enforcement measures are implemented with less than 100% efficacy.

The penalty for failing to meet the enforcement “trigger,” in other words, is both insufficient and fake. Insufficient because the undocumented will already have gotten the most important thing–the ability to live and work here legally (permanently, if we’re being realistic about it). Fake because it’s silly to think these 11M will be held indefinitely in non-citizen limbo if the implementation of enforcement fails, as it did in the last big immigration reform in 1986.

In other words, this is amnesty.  Pure and simple.  It’s what liberals always do…what they want first, with the promise to get around to the conservative stuff later.  And then amazingly, the conservative stuff just can’t be agreed to because circumstances change.  Amazing, isn’t it?  Actually what’s amazing is that conservatives fall for it over and over again.  And every time they want us to think that this time it will be different.  It’s maddening.


It’s why Kaus comes up with 6 simple questions on immigration that every serious-minded American should consider before we proceed with any immigration “reform.”  Among them: why not “enforcement first…amnesty second?”  You can read the whole list here.  Hopefully the House Republicans will read that list and actually start addressing the questions that matter in this debate and save us the “compromise” of the weak-spined Republican Senators.

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No question Obama's amnesty move is grounds for impeachment.



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